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Script Kiddies Hack USA Today Twitter Account

USA Today Twitter Account Hacked

USA Today Twitter Account Hacked

The Script Kiddies, which is the same group that recently hacked the NBC Twitter account, struck again Sunday evening. The hacker group, which hacked the @USAToday Twitter account late Sunday evening, used the account to send out spiteful messages daring Twitter to block them again. They also asked Twitter users to vote for what account they should hack next in the tweet below:

“Fox News, Wal-mart, Unilevel, Pfizer, NBC and now USA Today. who’s next? Vote Now!”

The Script Kiddies are the lesser-known splinter group of the famous Anonymous hacking group. On the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attack, the Script Kiddies hacked the @NBCNews Twitter account and falsely tweeted that a plane had crashed into ground zero. In addition, in July, they hacked the @FoxNewsPolitics Twitter account and falsely tweeted that President Obama had been assassinated. The FBI

In the past, The Script Kiddies have used a “keylogger Trojan” to access the official Twitter accounts of news organizations. The computer malware is unknowingly installed on the host’s computer and logs the entries a computer user makes and in turn allows the hacker to easily detect passwords. Early evidence points to a high likelihood that the group used the same tactic to gain access to the USA Today Twitter account.

USA Today has worked with Twitter to regain control of their account and recently tweeted:

“@usatoday was hacked and as a result false tweets were sent. We Worked with Twitter to correct it. The account is now back in our control.”

At the time of writing, USA Today appears to be in full control of their Twitter account.

Until Twitter implements additional security options, one would expect that we will continue to see high-profile accounts attacked.

[Screenshot Credit: Twitter]

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Script Kiddies Hack USA Today Twitter Account

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