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URL Trends – Cool Domain Tracking Tool

URL Trends – Cool Domain Tracking Tool

URL Trends – Cool Domain Tracking Tool

URL Trends is a free tool from Joel Strellner which tracks how a domain does over time. Each month it tracks Alexa ranking, Yahoo! backlinks, MSN backlinks, & Google backlinks. The tool also compares the site to Google search results and keywords in the WordTracker database to determine if the site has top Google rankings for any common terms.

By default URL Trends looks as though it does not track a ton of sites, but when a user requests a site the tool starts tracking it.
URL Trends also lets you subscribe to free update to track various sites. That may be a useful feature for those who are not tracking any competing sites in house.

In competitive industries rankings generally tend to follow linkage data.

As time passes algorithms will get far past looking at just the number of links, but for now I believe that metric is exceptionally relevant in both Yahoo! Search and MSN’s new offering.

I will likely be going to a concert next weekend, but when I get back hopefully I will be able to unveil another cool link tool that a friend has been whipping up. URL Trends found from SEO Scoop.

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URL Trends – Cool Domain Tracking Tool

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