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Uncover Google Not Provided Data: An Interview with Chris Adams

Chris Adams of gShift

In a recent interview from Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit in downtown San Francisco, Murray Newlands talks with gShift LabsChris Adams about how to uncover Google’s not provided data and the benefits that can have for online publishers and advertisers.

To find out more, watch the full interview below:

These are the key takeaways from the video:

  • In the interview, Chris explains people are looking for more and more ways to uncover not provided data. He says not provided data is becoming an increasingly important topic for marketing executives and agencies who are struggling with the fact that their clients are asking them where their traffic has gone and are unable to give greater detail on the “not provided” segment.
  • Chris says that over the past few months, gShift Labs has worked to expose the keyword phrases that are not provided from Google. While some people suggested that PPC or webmaster tools could help uncover the not provided data, gShift decided to use data points it knows and is able to really get detailed information about. The best approach, from their perspective, is to take a piece of content and look at where it ranked in search results and for which keywords. Now, by looking at these different data points, Chris says that gShift Labs can uncover certain not provided information and help improve search results.
  • Chris estimates the data this technology allows users to get back is around 80 to 90% accurate, which enables them to have much more relevant and targeted conversations with their clients.

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Uncover Google Not Provided Data: An Interview with Chris Adams

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