The Ultimate List of Basic SEO Resources for a Kick-Ass Start

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The Ultimate List of Basic SEO Resources for a Kick-Ass Start

I have plenty of people contacting me to ask to refer to some SEO basics tutorials and guides. So I decided to start a post inviting everyone to share their favorite resources to start learning SEO.

Quick note for the beginners: when starting to learn SEO, please keep in mind that there are many questionable issues. So after going through the basics and starting to go further into detail, don’t forget to take any SEO advice with a grain of salt.

I’ll start the list with the following high-quality resources:

1. Beginner’s Guide:

SEOmoz beginner's guide

The old version is a good thing to have when you are only starting but if you are serious about learning SEO, you’d better search for Rand’s updates he’s been posting for a year now (not sure if he has compiled them in one guide yet).

Anyway, Google will help collect the pieces: [ “Rewriting the Beginner’s Guide”]

2. SEObook Glossary

SEObook seo glossary

Of all SEO glossaries out there, this one is the most complete. Besides, it contains really clear definitions and good selection of terms.

3. Google for Beginners:

Hobo Google for beginners

Hobo Google for beginners is the newly published free eBook by our good UK SEO buddy Shaun Anderson. It is definitely not for beginners only, so I recommend everyone checking it out.

4. Simplifying SEO

SEO simplify

Simplify, Simplify, Simplify: this short article by Eric Enge will tune you to the right attitude which is really essential when starting: the simpler, the better:

5. SEO Cheat Sheet

SEO cheat sheet

That’s the only purely SEO cheat sheet comprising all SEO essentials:

  • Important SEO HTML tags;
  • Search engine indexing limits (common indexing limits imposed by search engines on sites that don’t hold a lot of authority);
  • Recommended title tag syntax, etc.

6. SEO Tools

SEO tools

The best way to learn something is to start acting: use the seo tools for additional research and insight.


seo faq

Jill is great at answering basic SEO questions combining straightforward attitude with humor.

8. SEO Checklist

SEO checklist

This article by Matt McGee lists all fundamental SEO steps followed by a short concise explanations – a good list to have by hand.

9. The SEO Pyramid

SEO pyramid

That’s a video guide helping you to get the whole picture: what, how, when…

10. SEO in Action

seo in action

An award-winning actionable guide by Gyutae Park details the whole SEO process: from choosing a niche to promoting the site.

11. Other SEO Learning Resources

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