Twitter’s Global Growth by the Official Numbers

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Twitter’s Global Growth by the Official Numbers

The Twitter blog is running a post today announcing some numbers related to Twitter’s overall growth not only in the U.S. but internationally as well. According to the post, more than 60% of Twitter users are from outside the U.S. This is definitely a huge leap from Twitter’s early days were users were primarily employees and their friends. Now, Twitter users have become a group with diverse identities.

Some specific proofs of Twitter’s growth in other regions:

  • In Chile, right after the recent earthquake, Twitter saw a 1200% increase in signups from most Spanish-speaking countries.  This is a big leap from November 2009’s 50% increase in signups.
  • In Colombia, Twitter signups rose by 300%
  • In India, signups rose by 100%, thanks to Twitter’s tie-up with Bharti Airtel of India which allowed Twitter users to send and receive tweets via SMS.
  • plus other countries such as Indonesia, Haiti and more

Interestingly, most of the incidents of increase in signups happen right after Twitter played significant role in providing a fast, realiable and real-time information updates  during national emergency situations, accidents, disaster and events.

This only goes to show that Twitter has now evolved from a mere social networking micro-blogging platform to an effective, reliable and very updated communication tool.


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