Twitter Unveils New UI; What This Means for SEO

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Yesterday Twitter sneakily unveiled a new user interface for both the “followers” and “following”.  While I personally believe that their efforts could have been better spent on stabilizing their servers and working out those infamous “overcapacity” issues, the change is a good one. 

First of all, let’s go over the changes that they made.  On your list of “Followers” and those that you are “Following”, Twitter used to display the person’s avatar and username, and the option to follow.  Little other identifiable information was presented, so if you wanted to find out more about the person you’d have to click on their name and check out their page. 

Now, when you view “Followers” or “Following”, you’re presented with a lot more information, almost eliminating the need to click over to the person’s page to get the full scoop on them.  Now you’ll see not only their avatar and username, but also their real name, latest tweet and location.  On the righthand side where the “Follow” button used to be, there’s now a new button.  Click on it and you’re presented with several action options:  @ Mention xxxx, Direct Message xxxx,  Follow xxxx, and Unfollow xxxx.  So it’s nice in that there’s a lot more information available in one place and there’s less clicking involved.

Here’s a quick peek at my “Followers” page so you can see the changes (click to view full size):


What’s this mean for search engine optimization?  Well, we all know by now that SEO is far more than just link building.  It’s also a lot of marketing, and if you’re on Twitter it’s an excellent way to market your website.  I was a little late in the game getting my site involved with Twitter, but not too late, and it is definitely paying off in terms of gaining new traffic, new loyal readers, new readers, and even some advertisers.  It also helps us to connect with our readers in a way that’s just not possible through comment forms on our site alone.  This UI update really helps to save time in checking out potential followers, or people you want to follow, especially if you’re constantly bombarded with new followers or manually hunt for new ones to follow yourself.

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  • Brad McBride

    Tweeting aside, I think the best way to get page rank is to have a great product. I know that is easier said then done but the better your product is, the more buzz your site will get, the more backlinks , and so on. Make sure your product is unique in the marketplace. Rome wasn’t built in a day… give it time.

  • Randy The Hermit

    The followers is OK but I don’t like the following. I much preferred it when I could glance at the list and see who was following me back and who wasn’t. If I wanted to unfollow is was one click.

    Now I have to click to see who is following me back and who isn’t. This would have been better as four small buttons instead of just the one with the drop down.

    At least that is my opinion.

  • Toma – Optimizing The Web


    I agree with Randy about the unfollow.

    The fact that I can see the last tweet is not that important for me. I had people following me with only 5 updates and following thousands of tweeters. If they could list the last 3 tweets, the persons profile, number of followers and updates tha I think it would be a useful feature.


  • Glynn Rieckhoff

    I like the new interface, although there is something that I would like to be added to Twitter and that would be being able to search within a persons followers, especially if they have 10000 followers and I wanted to see if a person I new was following them. I hope that makes sense? @dirtyplates

  • Liverpool

    The old UI used to allow you to hover over usernames to obtain bio info. That was a lot more useful than the new options.

  • Luana

    There’s a remote possibility for Twitter to shut down one of these days? I really hate this kind of Social Media Marketing 🙂

  • jwcorbett

    I agree and think that Twitter is an excellent marketing channel. I think this UI change is a great way for Twitter Admins to establish or verify a baseline for manual follow/unfollow vs the same automated activities. The result should aid TA’s in strengthening their back-end in may ways.