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Twitter Rolls Out Dedicated Product Pages and Curated Collections

Twitter announced it is slowly beginning to roll out two new features that it claims will make it easier to discover products and places.

The next time you see a tweet a recommendation about a product to buy or place to visit it may be embedded with one of these new product and place pages.

These pages will include rich media about the product or place being recommended, such as pictures and videos, along with some essential information like description, price, and a link to buy the product or book a reservation.

Also included in these pages will be relevant tweets from accounts you follow, as well as news updates, or popular content related to the product or place.

Product and place pages are being rolled out as an experiment in small numbers, and are currently only available to be used by select influencers and brands.

Curated Collections of Products and Places

Twitter is experimenting with another feature that goes hand-in-hand with the new product and place pages, and that’s curated collections of those pages.

Twitter has invited a small group of influencers — mostly celebrities and large brands — to create collections in order to give users and idea of what they’re like.

An example of Twitter collections.  Image credit: blog.twitter.comAn example of Twitter collections.
Image credit:

Collections can be accessed via a new button labeled “Browse collection” on profile pages of curators, using either the web client, iOS app, or Android app.

The company says this is the first in a series of similar tests set to be rolled out over the coming months.

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Twitter Rolls Out Dedicated Product Pages and Curated Collections

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