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Twitter Experiments With Showing Users More Ads

Twitter Experiments With Showing Users More Ads

Twitter is displaying more sponsored posts in users’ feeds in an experiment that tests how often ads are shown.

This test was confirmed by a Twitter spokesperson in a statement to Bloomberg:

“We are always running experiments with our ad experience, including with the various aspects of ad frequency and targeting.”

So if you have been seeing more ads in your feed than usual lately, you’re not alone.

However, not all users have the same ad frequency, which means some users will see more ads than others.

One of the factors that determines ad frequency is how a person continues to use Twitter after being exposed to a number of ads.

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If someone’s Twitter usage drops after being several ads at a greater frequency, then they may be shown fewer ads as a result.

In theory, some users may never see any ads on Twitter depending on how they engage with the platform.

According to a report from Buzzfeed News, this experiment apparently led to an excessive amount of spammy ads getting through.

A Twitter spokesperson confirmed the accounts running malicious ads have since been removed.


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