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Twitter Announces Searchable #Stickers: Are They The New Hashtag?

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Earlier this week, Twitter announced a new feature called ‘Stickers’. Essentially, these are a mash-up of hashtags, emoticons, and Snapchat filters all in one easy-to-use photo features.

Like hashtags, stickers are also searchable. After you use one you can then click on the sticker to view a newsfeed of other users who have used the same sticker. Because of the search feature, Twitter stickers could be more useful to brands than Snapchat’s filters.

Similar to Snapchat filters, Twitter’s stickers are a fun way to personalize pictures.

How Could Brands Use Twitter Stickers?

While they might seem like nothing more than another silly way to personalize photos, the search feature makes Twitter stickers extremely interesting for brands, particularly if Twitter offers sponsored stickers, similar to Snapchats sponsored filters.

Image if Finding Dory sponsored a fish or aquarium sticker. Pixar could then easily engage with users who use the sticker by retweeting and sharing GIF collections of their favorites. They could then retarget those users with ads to purchase a DVD of the movie or collectibles. They could even add a photo backdrop that interacts with the sticker in the theater to encourage users to share what are essentially branded photos.

Currently, Stickers are rolling out to a limited number of users. Sadly, I am not one of them. This tweet from Linda Jiang, Strategy and Operations Program Manager at Twitter, shows how much fun we could be having:


Have Twitter stickers rolled out to your profile yet? I’d love to see your creations! Comment below, or tweet me @dantosz.


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Twitter Announces Searchable #Stickers: Are They The New Hashtag?

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