TweetROI: “Return on Influence” Twitter Monetization Model

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TweetROI is a newly launched project aiming to monetizing Twitter with the utopia idea behind it:

TweetROI unites influencers with marketers and protects the authentic personality that makes Twitter great. Twitterers recommend, in their own words, stuff they like. Marketers and PR professionals get valuable, previously unavailable Social Media exposure.

The service is aimed at overcoming social marketing main obstacles:

Social Marketing Obstacles

by providing a sleek “everyone-loves-it” scheme:

  • Advertisers provide a product;
  • Twitter users choose if they want to Tweet it and even choose the words to do that.

The described benefits for advertisers:

  • Campaign tracking and analytics;
  • Full control: messenger quality, number of messengers, tweet scheduling, etc

Some details and innovations:

  • Twitter users/ publishers are ranked based on their UserRank consisting of:
    • TalkRank (built depending on how often the account is updated)
    • ConversionRank (based on the number of replies)
    • ViralRank (based on the number of retweets)
  • Pay-per-Tweet model: Tweets are worth “$0.25 – $75.00”
  • Twitter users may remain authentic (e.g. recommend the product in your own words)
  • Transparency: tweet only undisclosed campaigns
  • Affiliate program for attracting more marketers.


There’s not much revealed so far and we will definitely have to see it in action but I recommend checking their FAQ:

Will people unfollow me for doing this? A small portion may. There are always people with extreme viewpoints. Some people believe that no one can get paid and remain honest.

Here’s the presentation to give you some more detail:

Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty

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  • Stuart Foster

    A great idea, product and interface. However, it’s sure to piss a LOT of people off. Mainly because it doesn’t look like any disclosure stuff exists within the interface…

    Just my two cents.

  • Brian Carter

    Not true, Stuart. Marketers can require hashtag disclosure (currently #ROI), and even if they don’t, twitterers can add that to any tweet.

  • Brian Carter

    To wit, it is now open to the public. You can find out everything about it by trying it out. Register and check it out! Or check out the preview videos here:

  • Loren Baker, Editor

    As an affiliate, I think this is pretty sick … sick as in good.

    Also, as an SEO, since social interaction and historical profiling is having more and more of an influence on search, hitting a power Twitter user via this service, or lots of little Tweets, could be useful.

  • Social Media Commando

    One Question…

    How many Tweeters will acquiesce to providing their Social Security number (required by TweetROI) if a Tax ID # is not available?

    Social Media WIN? Not sure yet…

  • Mystery Shopping

    This is great news! I’d love to try it out.

  • Stuart Foster

    Just saw the disclosure stuff Brian. My bad. Looks great to me then 🙂

  • Brian Carter

    Social Media Commando- TweetROI does it the same way AdSense does- you can use a Tax ID/EIN or SS#.

  • Stephen SMM

    Already using Magpie – They have been doing this for a while. Looks like a copy of what they do.

  • Brian Carter

    Stephen, actually, it is different from magpie and has more features and control for tweeps and marketers. TweetROI lets tweeps customize and schedule their tweets- Magpie allows neither of those. TweetROI gives marketers the ability to communicate with tweeps, approve/decline tweets, and bid more or less according to the tweep’s influence. It has more functionality and power than Magpie’s system does.

  • Brian Carter

    Revision: Magpie now allows customized tweets- but TweetROI userranks give you the ability to pay more for more influential twitterers, and vice versa- this saves money, increases profit, and improves quality in a way the other pay-per-tweet services cannot.