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Tweaking Your StumbleUpon Profile to Attract More Traffic

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Although not as famous as Facebook and Twitter, StumbleUpon is also a great source of traffic for your blog or website. Several visitors can come in from your content that was stumbled by other users, while a small number came  from your profile. This means that you can tweak your StumbleUpon profile so that more users will follow you and click through your submitted links.

“About You” Section

Aside from telling people who you are, the About You section is also a great way to brand yourself. Set up the profile name that you’d like to use, as well as what will make it easier for other users to identify you and the brand you represent.

On the Description section, tell your viewers and followers what they can expect and get by following you on StumbleUpon. You can also use this section of your blog to post links to your blog or website. That way, they can easily land on your official page without the need to comb down the entire search engine result page.

Avatar or Profile Image

Profile image is a great way to brand your StumbleUpon account. It also shows that you are not a spammer, which encourages other users to follow your account. Thus, you have to make sure that whatever avatar you are using must be unique and reflects who you really are. Take advantage of built-in camera and photo-editing software to achieve this.

Connected Accounts

The good thing about the new StumbleUpon is that you can easily connect your other social media profiles from your account. The same thing with adding links to your blog or website, adding your other social media profiles can make it easy for your followers to find you elsewhere on the Web.

Profile Settings

Since StumbleUpon is still considered as a social network, it can be daunting to manually select the type of content that you want to share, as well as how people can reach you. Fortunately, you can do this on the Privacy and Notification Settings. Select who can see your posts, as well how you want StumbleUpon to update you.

You can also help the social aggregator site to choose the content that you want to see at the Stumbles section. From there you can filter every post based on your interest and the type of content that is included with every Stumble.

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Tweaking Your StumbleUpon Profile to Attract More Traffic

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