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Truveo Forecasts 1 Billion Searchable Online Videos by 2009

Video search engine Truveo announced today that their index has exceeded an astonishing 100 million videos, and predicts that based on current growth rates, the online video universe will reach one billion searchable videos by 2009. Truveo claims to have operated one of the largest and most comprehensive video search engines on the Internet for the past four years.

2007 was a year of impressive growth for the video search engine. Truveo’s index grew from just five million videos to over 100 million videos, which represents a 20 fold increase. A year ago, Truveo servers indicated about 20,000 to 40,000 new videos coming online daily. Contrast that to today, where they are now tracking over 500,000 new videos uploaded to the web each day.

Growth in online video is being fueled by not only an increase in user-generated video, but also a dramatic increase in the number of professionally produced videos available online. It is clear that in 2007, online video became mainstream, and it doesn’t look like that trend is about to stop.

This is also great news for the likes of Google, who sell and place video advertising through their AdWords and AdSense programs, as well as offer incentives for web publishers to post YouTube videos on their sites.

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Truveo Forecasts 1 Billion Searchable Online Videos by 2009

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