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Tricks to Bring Your Facebook Profile to the Next Level

Source: Facebook Home Page

Although the Facebook Team has made a good job in terms of the network’s design, the way people use it is not as streamlined as it can be. What users didn’t know is that there are simple tricks that they can do—from settings options to browser plugins—to help take their social media experience to the next level.

Appear Offline to Some Friends

If you have chatty friends and are usually annoyed by it, you can actually do something about it—appear offline. Just open the Facebook chat window, click the settings icon found at the upper right corner, and then navigate to “Advanced Settings.” From there, you can customize your settings by appearing offline to certain users.

Hide App Notifications

There are some Facebook applications that populate your News Feed, and it can also be annoying at times. You can stop this by hiding your App Notifications. Navigate the Notifications tab on the left side of the page, browse the apps that can post news on your profile feed, and then deactivate it from there. This tip is very useful if you have friends who usually spam you with app notifications.

Reposition Your Photos on Timeline

When uploading a photo on your Timeline, you can post it on your feed the way you wanted to. Long and wide images usually have the tendency to be cropped awkwardly. However, you can fix that by clicking the “Edit Photo” and “Reposition Photo.” By using this tool, you can move your photo around so that it will appear the way you intended to.

Add Photos on Your Facebook Places

If you use the Facebook Places feature often, you can decorate it with photos that show off your various activities. Just head on to the main Places page, click “Add Photos to Map” and then start tagging. You can now shut up your friends who always say “Pictures or it didn’t happen.”

Tweak Your Profile’s Appearance with “View As” Option

It would also be ideal if you can check out how your friends see your profile. This would help you make sure that your online reputation remains intact. Good thing, you can do this with Facebook’s “View As” option. From your profile, click the settings icon next to Activity Log and then select “View As.” You can type in the name of your friends so that you can monitor how they see your account and tweak it accordingly.

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Tricks to Bring Your Facebook Profile to the Next Level

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