Translation For High Profile Users On Twitter Are Available Through Bing

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Free translators have been around a while. In the past few days there’s been quite some unrest in Egypt. Offices have been ransacked, several people have been killed, and many want Muhammad Morsi to step out of office. While I don’t care much for politics, others do.

Twitter values the news and they’ve teamed up with Bing translator to help you follow the news via your Twitter stream. In the above picture, I went to Muhammad Morsi’s Twitter profile and tried translating one of his tweets. In an official Twitter statement, we learn that Twitter is allowing this feature for the most followed accounts in Egypt.

Seeing this feature makes me wonder if Twitter will allow this feature for all users in the future. That would certainly be nice, as I have lots of followers that don’t speak my language.

What do you think the future of Twitter and translation is?

Adam Morgan

Adam Morgan

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Adam Morgan
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