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Track Your Keywords with Yotify

Track Your Keywords with Yotify

Yotify is a new service that lets you track keywords across multiple platforms and sites. The site offers a bunch of customization options and alert settings.


What sites are there available for tracking:

Among other popular sites, Yotify offers to track such useful platforms as:

  • News search;
  • Blog search;
  • YouTube;
  • LifeHacker;
  • Craiglist;
  • eBay;
  • FriendFeed; etc.

Of course, you can track any site or RSS which is not included by default via “Shortcuts” tab.

How to create an alert?

Let’s try to create a “scout” (i.e. “alert”) for news:

  • Go to “News & Blogs” tab;
  • Select “All News” button;
  • Submit the keyword you want to track;
  • Set the report options (how long you want it to run and how often you want to receive an email).

How does the report look like?

You will see a list of headlines relevant to your specified keyword and when each story was indexed. Click “Preview” to load each page without the need to leave Yotify.


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