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Top Search Based Facebook Apps to Help You Find Anything

The intermixing of search and Facebook is minimal in terms of web search, as when I was browsing through the list of search oriented Facebook apps I couldn’t help but noticed that those that are the most popular are the ones used for looking and finding friends. This is but understandable since Facebook is a social networking site. Facebook however is evolving into a whole web experience, and there’s a slew of other useful applications which are no longer limited to friend finding.

Here are the top search-oriented Facebook apps based on active users. At the end of the list, I also included some note-worthy search-oriented apps which only have one or two active users. These applications may come in handy whenever you are doing your daily Facebook activities.

Advanced Search: Find old friends, meet people, date
Active Users: 947
Find facebook profiles for all the people who went to a particular school, college or university; people who work together (past or present), people by age/gender/relationship status, by location or network, find people even if you don’t know their name, displays big profile pics in search to help in recognizing the person

Active users: 858
Find YouTube videos easily, provides useful features such as favorites, sharing videos on Facebook, and email notification for new results of your video search.

Search Online Users
Active users: 51
Meet new people who are online now in your area.

BMW Forum Search
Active Users: 28
BMW Forum Search quickly searches more than 70 BMW related forums from

Active users: 25
Jobsite search engine

JSTOR Search
Active users: 19
Search full text of articles archived in JSTOR. JSTOR is one one of the most popular research-oriented database in the library world

Friendly Search
Active users: 16
Friendly Search provides new way to find, sort and filter Facebook friends. It’s simple, fun and has a cool interface.

Clever Hippo Search Engine
Active users: 13
Full text search engine, with search refinements, search by popularity (using daily active users) or by recently added, advanced search techniques like wildcard, OR, NOT, or boost queries, most popular within the Facebook community

Friend Search
Active users: 12
Another friend finder

Word Search
Active users: 12
Generate a word search of up to 20 random words, then have fun solving it!

Seek Job Search
Active users: 8
SEEK is Australia and New Zealand’s #1 Jobsite.

Active users: 8
Search PubMed within Facebook, share articles with friends and save them to your account for future reference.

Google Social Search
Search LinkedIn, MySpace, Facebook and the web with this specialized google search engine.

Some noteworthy but unused search-oriented Facebook applications.

The Search Engine Z00
Active users: 0
A community driven search engine dedicated to the searching of search engines, of all kinds, creeds and physiomorphology. Includes itself somewhere in the listing. A good way to get the scoop on search engines.

Yahoo Search
Search Yahoo! now from your Facebook Account. Access all the Yahoo! search features from Facebook easily.

The Pink Search Engine
Active users: 3
A search engine dedicated to anything Pink in search and news. This community search engine allows you to vote for your favorite websites too. The more you use the search engine the more likely the better sites will move to the top.

Google Search
Easily search Google, Amazon, and Wikipedia without leaving Facebook. More search engines to come soon!

Fooooo Video Search
Video Search Tool. You can search across the world’s 50 video sharing sites and across over 42 million videos.

Wikiseek Search
This application allows Facebook users to use the Wikiseek Search Engine directly from Facebook. Wikiseek categorizes the results and displays the top 12 categories for your search, to help you find what you are looking for FAST!

Search Local
Find businesses from all over the country by name or category, quickly and easily from within Facebook.

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Top Search Based Facebook Apps to Help You Find Anything

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