Top 5 Pay-Per-Click Engines To Try

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If you’re a small company trying to compete against the big dogs in the PPC space in a competitive market, you’re probably either spending a huge chunk per month to reach the top positions or about to quit and choose other avenues.

We’ve all heard using other PPC search choices besides Google, Yahoo, and MSN barley work. Guess what? Sometimes they do, and as a marketer, the worse option you can choose is not to try.

The best advice I can offer is try everything but most importantly if you decide to give these engines a shot, TRACK EVERYTHING.

Superpages– Personally, I’ve had a pretty good experience with Superpages. I have to say though, I’m very not impressed with the functionalities of the engine itself with some of wait time in order to get a campaign going and other factors (not being able to delete campaigns!), but if you’ve haven’t tried Superpages in your campaign, you need to get on it fast and see what results it can give you. Its cost per click depending on your market can be relatively expensive, but it’s good qualified traffic. Some consider Superpages to be more of a directory, which I guess I would classify it as such as well, but nevertheless, I included it here and first on the list cause I truly believe part of your allocation should go towards SP.

7Search– 7Search is good alternative but one I really haven’t really used myself. I do see this company out there marketing their product to advertisers and has some impressive stats. Over 1.5 billion search per month…that’s pretty impressive. Bids start at 1 cent. Its interface is simple, easy, and quick to use.

GoClick– Another engine I’ve still yet to try myself but heard some good stats about it. GoClick delivers 6 billion targeted monthly searches. Minimum bids start at 1 cent with a $10.

Kanoodle– Kanoodle can be a tricky one. I’ve tried a couple of campaigns with Kanoodle and had all sorts of experience…like any campaigns, of course some worked, and some didn’t…but it did deliver traffic for a very low cost. Kanoodle is not an engine big advertisers go for so it’s a good engine to get very low bids for competitive markets.

SearchFeed– Growing online property (as it looks now). If you’re running international campaigns, SearchFeed would be a great place to run some trial campaigns and see how they work out for you. SearchFeed allows you to geo-target 11 different countries. If you’re also looking for more traffic, this would be a decent source to try and acquire that extra traffic with low bids.

If you have tried any of these engines for PPC, would love to hear about your experience and results and any other suggestions you would make that have worked for you!

Pablo Palatnik is Managing Partner of eTrend Media Group, which specializes in Pay-Per-Click Management & Social Media Optimization.

Pablo Palatnik
Pablo Palatnik is the author of the blog PalatnikFactor, focusing on all things Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimization specialist for Fortune3, a shopping cart software company by online retailers, for online retailers.
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  • Loren Baker, Editor

    According to, SearchFeed traffic has almost quadrupled in the last 6 months, with twice the exposure of SuperPages.

    Personally, I find this a bit hard to believe, unless more people are being served hosted search results on a global scale.

    Thanks for the addition of the Compete charts Pablo, they tend to put things into perspective a bit.

  • Terry Reeves

    From experience with real money:

    7Search delivers paying visitors at discount rates.

    GoClick delivers sporadic traffic with even more sporadic buyers.

    Kanoodle delivers drained account balances IN HOURS from visitors that stayed less that SECONDS in almost every report. Their contextual was great, when they had it. I have read where they have denied the fraudulent click image they have acquired. I will never spend money with them again.

  • noname


    GoClick is common known for its fraud, they allow PTR Pay to Read (not officially of course), just a waste of money. DONT USE IT.

    7Search another … no idea what kind ogf, Yea, I know you heard its good, so I tried a test campaign, and guess what, noticed from where clicks comes from, they were from SearchFeed, I wrote 7s and told that I dont want to receive SF traffic as I know it’s fraud. They “told me” that their system filters all this *crap*, whatever, I got bad conversions.

    Same with Kanoodle, they allow little PTR.

    Havent tried other yet…

  • noname

    EDIT: I will stick with Yahoo.

  • SEO for Yahoo Small Business – Terry Reeves

    Just a revisit. Thought I would share a little info I have learned since this last post. I have been trying out PPC on Yahoo and have been having tremendous success. The cost per click are much lower that Google and the CRT is much higher. This means better conversions at a lower cost with an increase in traffic over the same keywords on Google. The only drawback so far is the lower traffic numbers.

  • SEO for Yahoo Small Business – Terry Reeves

    An observation on the Google – Yahoo traffic differences.

    There is frequently a thought among small business owners that the greatest number of visitors means the most profit. Something to consider. Yahoo searchers tend to be “buyers” and Google searchers tend to be “researchers”. So, less traffic through Yahoo can mean more profitability to retail web sites when compared with the traffic that the same site would receive through Google.

    Something to consider when setting up a PPC campaign for both.

  • SEO for Yahoo Small Business – Terry Reeves

    One last thing. Always track your conversions.

  • SEO

    The only traffic that matters these days is from Google and maybe Yahoo. And Adwords is getting more and more prohibitive for small guys on the internet.

  • Sklepy

    Thanks for very interesting article. btw. I really enjoyed reading all of your posts. It’s interesting to read ideas, and observations from someone else’s point of view… makes you think more.

  • Bid Directory

    All these programs seem a waste of time and money in my opinion but Adwords is getting more and more expensive. I believe people who use PPC is keeping the small and good PPC engines for themselves.

  • Rick

    I recently tested and 100 percent of the traffic provided was fraudulent. It was all redirected traffic. In fact it had a 100 percent bounce rate and the “visitors” stayed within the site for no longer than a few seconds. They are hard to work with and unless they show multiple clicks from the same IP address they will not issue a credit, in fact they will not even look into the issue. I offered my logs but they refused. I will post a blog that shows the issue and their “customer service” response.

  • Terry Reeves

    Hey Rick,

    When you get that info posted, let me know. I will post a link to it from my own blog. My clients are frequently mislead by that crowd.

  • Aksaray

    thanks a lot.