Four (4) Must-Attend Sessions at Conversion Conference West 2012 for Search Engine Optimizers

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Four (4) Must-Attend Sessions at Conversion Conference West 2012 for Search Engine Optimizers

As search engine optimizers, we’re always looking for new ways to attract visitors or getting that coveted spot on search engine rankings. In our book, increasing traffic means increasing revenue, and most of us have never really questioned this assumption – at least not until we notice the discrepancy between our traffic volume vs. the revenue we’re getting.

Then we either 1) start another project to get more traffic hoping that this time people won’t just bounce off the site or 2) begin to ask whether our website itself is the reason why we have our bounce rates are off the roof.

Face it: all the traffic in the world can’t help you if you have landing pages that well, suck. That is one of the reasons search engine optimizers like you and me should start paying more attention to conversion rate optimization. And what better way to learn more about best practices than from the leaders and experts in the field? This is why we need to be at the Conversion Conference West 2012 in San Francisco. It’s going to be in a few days so I’ve compiled some really noteworthy sessions for SEO folks like you and me:

Designing from Inside the User’s head by Sandra Niehaus and Sara Sturtevant. SEOs should
start paying more attention to the impressions and experiences they create among users. Even if you
consistently rank high at search engines, your visitors are not likely to lead into customers if they aren’t satisfied or delighted with your site. Sandra Niehaus and Sara Sturtevant’s session should provide plenty of ideas on how to make your website easy, fun, and responsive to your end users – which also eases the transition towards their becoming frequent visitors or users of your website.

Retail Therapy: Merging SEO & Usability to Drive Conversion by Tim Elam. Here’s a great session for e-commerce site owners who are stumped with optimizing their websites for search engines. Birthday Direct’s Tim Elam will share insights on common seo and usability mistakes that online retailer make and how to fix them.

Optimization Double Feature: The Interplay Between SEO and CRO by Prashant Puri. Prashant Puri’s session promises to “provide a practical strategy for optimizing both your landing pages and key on-page elements to improve organic rankings.” Need I say more?

These are just three sessions out of 27 more, all of which are potentially relevant to what we do every day as search engine optimizers. You can also check the Conversion Conference agenda to discover real gems among the sessions or find out who’s going to be there aside from you.

Take note, Conversion Conference is happening in less than a week and I hear the San Francisco Marriot Marquis where the conference is taking place is sold out already so get your pass now before it’s all gone!

Here’s a bonus: get $100 off your Conversion Conference pass by using promo code CC12W648 or register through here!

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