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Top 10 Social Networks, Blogs & Web Brand Rankings for Dec. 2007

Reported by Marketing Charts, Nielson Ratings releases the statistics for the top 10 social networks, blogs, and web brand rankings for December 2007.

Top 10 Social Networks:

Myspace continues to be the stop social network site. You’d think Facebook would over pass Myspace by now, but that is still not the case. Myspace increased its traffic by 9% since last year. It’ll be very interesting to see this report for January 2008 and the effect of the Facebook profile made by 60 minutes. The most surprising is Flixster with a 316% increase in traffic. I think a big part of that jump is the Facebook application attracting the attention of many.

Top 10 Web Brands:

Notice the top 10 brands being search engines. Although Google tops Yahoo for the first position in the rankings, it surpasses Google with more properties retaining users in their properties for a longer time.

Top Blog Sites:

Although Blogger maintains a #1 spot in the rankings, the growth of WordPress since last year is incredible with a 202% increase in traffic. Blogger also shows a significant growth in traffic at 48%. These numbers are evident of blog growth and popularity.

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Top 10 Social Networks, Blogs & Web Brand Rankings for Dec. 2007

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