Top 10 Helpful SEO Tips for Small Business Owners

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Top 10 Tips for Small Business OwnersSmall business owners who have just begun their SEO campaign will find that there is no end to the depth and complexity inherent in search engine optimization. Many companies try to take a do-it-yourself mentality to SEO implementation that ends with them sloppily stringing together popular search terms or stuffing keywords on contextually irrelevant web pages. Some businesses implement SEO so poorly that, in some instances, Google may disregard their website as a spam site. The result is a significantly low ranking that will make the business show up in only the most specific term searches.

Starting or running a start up company presents many challenges for entrepreneurs no matter what the service or product.  The last thing CEO’s may consider is their Internet marketing strategies or Brand management.  In addition, most likely that is not their area of expertise nor do they have the time to implement the tasks required to gain the valuable exposure required.

Improperly-handled SEO campaigns are increasingly common these days, but it is not a fate that need befall all small businesses. It is always recommended that a company turns to a top SEO agency when approaching any search engine optimization project. Once a marketing firm has been selected, then the business will be able to run a successful SEO campaign. However, it’s important to bear in mind that there are several key points that should always be kept in mind when approaching SEO.


1) Identify your Intended Audience

The first step in any SEO campaign should always be determining who the intended audience of your good or service is. While it’s easy to simply focus on your business as the driving force behind your SEO operations, it always helps to be a more specific in your approach. By selecting a certain product as the core keyword of your campaign, you will be able to attract more traffic than otherwise.


2) Expand your Keyword Focus

Although your focused keyword may not have a hundred and one uses, you should always try to be as forward thinking as possible when considering other optional keywords. Sometimes the search term that Google looks for may not be the same one that you would have typed when looking for it yourself. You should always do research to find other ways that web surfers may try to look up your product or service.


3) Refine your Website’s Page-to-Page Connectivity

A well-designed website is one that funnels users from page to page effortlessly. By interlinking your site so that relevant pages connect to one another, you’ll find that even the less visited branches of your website will see more traffic. As a result, you can expect your website to have better domain authority and, as a result, a higher place among the search engine rankings.


4) Keep your Keywords Dynamic

Even if a particular keyword has generated a lot of traffic during the course of your SEO campaign, don’t let that prevent you from cycling your keyword focus. Search trends change as much as social ones do, so there’s never a guarantee that one term will consistently prove fruitful. Always be on the lookout for other applicable keywords that may bring traffic to your website.


5) Establish your Business on Social Media

Social media work has become an increasingly popular way to generate long term website traffic. These days, many SEO agencies focus a lot of their attention on establishing a follower base for their clients. As the number of people following your company continues to increase, so too will the potential customers that may frequent your business’ site. No matter how big or small your organization may be, you can never have enough Facebook or Google+ followers.


6) Go Where the Competition Isn’t

While it is important that your company builds a significant social presence on the more popular networks, it’s always a smart move to look for alternative sites on which to make your business known. As anyone in the SEO community can tell you, there are several up-and-coming social networks that have yet to be capitalized on. In addition to establishing yourself on Facebook or Twitter, consider also extending your social media campaign to sites like Pinterest as they become available.


7) Constantly Create Original Content

Increasing your company’s web traffic and domain authority is only the first step in your SEO campaign. While some SEO agencies may focus entirely on getting potential customers to your site, giving users a reason to stay on your website is going to be vitally important. Original content, such as a weekly blog or community activities, can go a long way towards capturing an audience and convincing them to continue interacting with your site until a sale is made.


8) Consider Pay-Per-Click as a Way to Create Site Traffic

While the service that PPC companies provide may not be as attractive as the long term solutions of most SEO practices, that doesn’t mean they aren’t useful. PPC advertisements have been a decent way to drive site traffic volume for over a decade. Should you feel your monthly analytics aren’t showing the numbers you want to see, consider supplementing them with PPC work.


9) Patience is Key

Even when employing the most methodical and well-run SEO or social media campaign, one has to keep expectations manageable. Yes, search engine optimization and other SEO practices can lead to dramatically improved site traffic and search engine rankings, but they do take time. After having built up momentum and established your company as a significant online presence, your website’s analytics will rise sharply. However, getting there may sometimes take a month or two. One should always keep this in mind throughout the duration of the campaign.


10) Always Stay in Contact with your SEO Firm

By keeping a close working relationship with your SEO agency, you and your business will be able to reap a number of benefits. Aside from having a greater degree of control over the details of your campaign, you will also be briefed on any setbacks or major developments as they occur. As a result, your optimization and social media work will go without a hitch, and you’ll be able to fine tune the particulars  of the campaign as you see fit.



Todd Bailey

Todd Bailey

Founder /Editor at pushStar Digital
Todd Bailey is the Founder/Editor of pushStar Digital. He works as Director of Search for Gen3 Marketing as well.
Todd Bailey
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  • Great article! Good tips for the small business owner to know! I hope there is a follow up post on how the small business owner can find a good SEO agency!

  • As a small business, I’ve also found you can ask your friendly clients to link to you – and often they will do this.

    Small business, helping small business – nothing to lose here, everything to gain.

    • I agree with this…small businesses helping each other out is a huge positive. Real world relationships are so important.

  • Great tips. I agree about having patience. You cannot rush things otherwise it will onlybe short term success. Patience and persistence with careful planning bring great results.

  • a great article i am trying to seo my site. i think i can manage 5 or 6 of your hints

  • Audience is the key, give real value and it will pay off with satisfied visitors, then in turn repeat visitors with recommendations. Thank you Todd for making web marketing clear and easy to understand.

  • Really great steps to maximise SEO,trying to follow these steps to boost my SEO.Thanks 🙂

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  • Very Informative post. Today, social media has become a powerful media for promoting the product. Not only small business owners I think all business owners should consider the above mentioned tips.

  • Kudos to the author for giving this fantastic article. This is not only for the small business owners but also for every SEO’s to keep in mind so that they can provide a great output.

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  • Great article. Do the research when considering an SEO Company. Have them provide you client achievements as well as referrals. If you’re located in United States, then choose an SEO firm in the United States. Preferably a local company if possible. You may be spending a considerable amount of money on search engine marketing and search engine optimization so make sure you are kept well informed. Weekly, biweekly or monthly reports should be provided.

  • Small business owners can not afford to spend money on advertising. Internet has proved to be a boon for them. When effectively utilized, they can add hundreds of new customers from their websites and blogs. You have writen a very good article. All of these 10 tips are must to follow.

  • This may sound strange coming from an SEO professional, but I would recommend that a small business owner take the time to learn the basics of SEO for themselves before they considering outsourcing to an SEO firm. If you have a tight budget, I think the first year is better spent enhancing your own knowledge and skill set.

  • This is stuff is all well and good, but the important thing is that you have a sound business model and a good product/service. In the long run, marketing can’t be used as a disguise if you’re some idiot selling something that doesn’t work. If my time as an internet marketing professional has taught me one thing, it’s that there is no shortage of people who think that PPC, SEO, Social, and whatever else can some how transform their poorly constructed hobby into a profitable enterprise. If you can’t divorce yourself from that thinking, you’ll basically be putting lipstick on a pig.

  • yes todd, one should keep in mind to allow the website to earn the SEO value after implementing all these tips. Fresh original content is something what google always loves to crawl, so keep writing right unique and interesting for the users . .i appreciate you!

  • How about: mine new ideas for content and new pages. Many Small Business think their work is done when a website is built….but you need to constantly be looking for new page and content ideas.

  • Link building is by far the most difficult part! I have been working for months now, but have not seen a huge jump in rankings yet.

  • This is a great first step. Eventually, small business who have a longer sales cycle will want to use their content in lead nurturing campaigns as a way to keep potential customers engaged even if they are not ready to buy just yet.

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  • All 10 tips are wonderful and #9 is very important. as clients sometime hire a sr. expert to expect fastest ranking. Really “Patience is Key” and clients should accept it.

  • Many business owners don’t know what the term SEO means much less how to implement it. It takes a lot of time and effort to do it right! By the time you think you have the basics learned, what you are doing can be the wrong thing to do since search engines like Google changes the algorithm.

  • Patience is key! So many times a client signs up and asks, why am i not getting leads yet. And then we say, SEO is an investment. Remember how we told you that it would take x amount of months to rank for that keyword? It can be tough for a client to trust a service provide on blind faith that it will pay off at some point. But if we can show traffic growth once optimization goes in place and linking kicks in that usually puts them at ease. Nice article

  • Hi Todd,

    Thanks for the great tips! I am just starting out and I found this to be really helpful. I don’t have $1500 a month to pay an SEO firm, so every tip helps me at this stage.

    Thanks again Todd.


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