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Top 10 Blogs to Inspire Business Productivity

One of the most important things for any business is productivity. Business owners need to stay productive if they are going to grow their businesses. They need to inspire employees to remain productive in order to keep profits up and make their employment worthwhile. One simple but great way to stay motivated towards business productivity is to read blogs that inspire you.

Here are ten great blogs by young entrepreneurs to read if you want to stay inspired to be productive in business:

  1. Blog Central at Online Organizing. This is actually a collection of blogs that are all centralized in the same place. The different authors each have their own take on the topic but basically it’s all about how to stay organized online. These tips are useful as well as inspiring when it comes to being productive with your business.
  2. Duct Tape Marketing. What a fun name for an equally fun blog. This is the kind of blog that you read because you want to enjoy some terrific silly downtime but then you realize that it’s actually helping you to be more productive. It’s related to a small business program called the Duct Tape Marketing System but the tips are applicable to a wide range of business people. For example, there are useful posts on legal issues, creating web content and using iPods for business presentations.
  3. Ian Palangio’s Business Productivity. This is an MSDN blog that is specifically for people who use Microsoft Office. Since almost all of us use at least some of Office’s programs in our work, it’s widely applicable. What’s great about this one is that it offers a combination of news, tips and tutorials so you can stay on top of what’s happening in the world of business productivity while also keeping yourself on top of that game.
  4. Ian’s Messy Desk. This doesn’t sound helpful for productivity but actually it’s all about being more effective in your work. The subtitle of the blog is “helping you get the most out of the 24 hours in your day”, which is definitely something that productive business people need to do.
  5. Life Optimizer: Personal Growth and Effectiveness. Smart business people know that self-growth and attention to personal improvement is what makes someone good at their work. This inspiring blog features topics like staying positive in negative situations and learning how to mentally focus. This is definitely useful for people in any business.
  6. Simple Productivity Blog. Just the name of this blog is hopeful and inspiring, isn’t it? The posts provide useful tips in a thoughtful voice that can encourage you to be easily productive in all areas of your life. Categories include “balance”, “efficiency” and “organization”.
  7. Stepcase Lifehack. This website is dedicated to “lifehacks” which they define as “any hacks, tips and tricks that get things done quickly by automating, increase productivity and organizing”. That pretty much sums up exactly why you should bookmark this blog if you’re interested in business productivity.
  8. The Positivity Blog. What better way to stay inspired at work than to keep a positive attitude? This helpful blog provides very practical ways for staying positive in a range of different business situations. A popular recent post was “What Would Winnie the Pook (and other people) Do?” That gives you a hint into the kind of playful but purposeful attitude of the blog.
  9. The Productivity Pro Blog. This is the blog for a productivity program tool. Whether or not the program itself interests you, the blog is helpful and inspiring. It covers useful business topics like micromanagement as well as generally applicable topics like time management.
  10. Zen Habits. This terrific blog about productivity and simplicity has been ranked one of the Top 25 blogs in the world. It is designed to help you de-clutter your life from all of the unnecessary things that decrease productivity. By minimizing what you need to have in your life, you increase productivity in the areas that matter most to you. What an inspiring blog! And of course its archives are very well organized to allow you to read through articles without wasting time.

There are many great blogs out there. However, being productive means that you limit your reading to only those blogs that are truly going to be most useful for you. Many business people are finding that these ten blogs are among the best of the best when it comes to business inspiration and productivity.

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Top 10 Blogs to Inspire Business Productivity

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