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Tom Cruise promotes his site using AdWords?

It’s time for a little bit of Sunday fun reading. Remember that hotly contested domain which was later on given to actor Tom Cruise, the site is apparently gearing up for full launch as evidenced by some sponsored ads appearing on Google when you search for the keyword “Tom Cruise”. The Holywood Newsroom’s got the scoop on the ads that started appearing right after TC guested on Ophra’s show. (note: I tried doing the search, but the sponsored ads will not display on my screen though, anyone else seen the ads?).

tomcruise.jpgAnd in the tradition of most Holywood movies coming up, HN also noted various teasers coming out of the Google ads including:

“Get the real scoop from Tom Cruise. Stay Tuned for Official Site Launch”

“The Countdown is On. Tom Cruise launches May 5th. Get the Scoop!”

“The Official Site Launches Soon”

Well, whoever is handling TC’s site must know their numbers when it comes to SEO and site promotion strategies though. The Sponsored Ads run like after Ophrah and Tom talked about the coming site. So, the site’s programmers knew when to run the ads, expecting that a slew of curious readers would start searching for the site after watching the show.

So, we’ll see if what’s really coming from as soon as it is launched. Will Tom become a blogger now? Or will he just use the site for his “scientology” project. Why do I sense that we’re not really interested at all?

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Tom Cruise promotes his site using AdWords?

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