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To Blog or Not to Blog, That is the Question

I believe that in today’s inbound marketing world, delivering quality blog content to your target market needs to be a top priority. Connecting with your target market through content will lead to more website traffic, a larger social following, in bound links to your site, long tail keyword traffic, and in the long run – more conversions/customers.

The results are in, and the below screen shots from Google Analytics prove it!

The Above Screen Shot Shows:

  • Visitors that view blog posts on this website spend more than two minutes on the website then visitors that do not view the blog.
  • Visitors that view the blog content bounce less.
  • The blog reaches more new visitors. 81.95% of visitors that read the blog content are new visitors, compared to 69.88% new visitor rate of people that did not read the blog.
  •  The average time on site is 3.17 minutes. People that visited the blog content spent more than 5 minutes on the site. Visitors that did not view the blog content spent well under 3 minutes on the site

What Does This Mean?

  • People that read (good) blog content are more engaged.
  • People that read blog content interact with your brand for longer periods of time

If you’re seeing results like this in your blog content campaigns, I encourage your adapt your site and other marketing strategies to include the promotion of blog post content.

  • Feature the popular blog posts in your newsletters.  If your using Google Analytics, be sure to use a tracking URL to analyze clicks to your site from this content promotion method.
  • Link to popular blog content form your website pages. Go back through your service pages, product pages, about us pages, and other pages in your site and create internal links to the blog content. You already know that when people read your blog they stay on your site longer!

Now , I know what you are thinking, “Who has the time to create blog content?” Fortunately a hand full of entrepreneurs have already through of this one!

Media Piston – One of the easiest ways to create blog content. This crowd source platform does most all of the work for you. Their easy to use template system allows to you power a blog with content quickly and at a reasonable cost. – What content thriving business has not used text broker at one time or another? Using a price per word model, TextBroker makes it easy to find authors for your blog. – An impressive interface backed by a massive network of authors. Zerys allows  you to find expert authors easily. You set the price for your project using their framework. Of course, getting an expert to write your content will cost more than a basic top 10 list.

Freelancer & oDesk – Need cheap content? This is your source. The above websites are platforms where many authors can write for you. These sources will match you with one author for your project. Be sure to keep your eye on the content job markets (where the writers go to select jobs) for ideas on content generation!

Well, I believe the question is answered. To blog or not to blog? The data shows you why you need to blog, and the above resources make it easy to generate content!



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Gabriel Gervelis Gervelis Search Marketing

Gabriel Gervelis is the owner of Gervelis Search Marketing. You can find him on Twitter – @seo_pro,

To Blog or Not to Blog, That is the Question

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