To Blog or Not to Blog, That is the Question

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To Blog or Not to Blog, That is the Question

I believe that in today’s inbound marketing world, delivering quality blog content to your target market needs to be a top priority. Connecting with your target market through content will lead to more website traffic, a larger social following, in bound links to your site, long tail keyword traffic, and in the long run – more conversions/customers.

The results are in, and the below screen shots from Google Analytics prove it!

The Above Screen Shot Shows:

  • Visitors that view blog posts on this website spend more than two minutes on the website then visitors that do not view the blog.
  • Visitors that view the blog content bounce less.
  • The blog reaches more new visitors. 81.95% of visitors that read the blog content are new visitors, compared to 69.88% new visitor rate of people that did not read the blog.
  •  The average time on site is 3.17 minutes. People that visited the blog content spent more than 5 minutes on the site. Visitors that did not view the blog content spent well under 3 minutes on the site

What Does This Mean?

  • People that read (good) blog content are more engaged.
  • People that read blog content interact with your brand for longer periods of time

If you’re seeing results like this in your blog content campaigns, I encourage your adapt your site and other marketing strategies to include the promotion of blog post content.

  • Feature the popular blog posts in your newsletters.  If your using Google Analytics, be sure to use a tracking URL to analyze clicks to your site from this content promotion method.
  • Link to popular blog content form your website pages. Go back through your service pages, product pages, about us pages, and other pages in your site and create internal links to the blog content. You already know that when people read your blog they stay on your site longer!

Now , I know what you are thinking, “Who has the time to create blog content?” Fortunately a hand full of entrepreneurs have already through of this one!

Media Piston – One of the easiest ways to create blog content. This crowd source platform does most all of the work for you. Their easy to use template system allows to you power a blog with content quickly and at a reasonable cost. – What content thriving business has not used text broker at one time or another? Using a price per word model, TextBroker makes it easy to find authors for your blog. – An impressive interface backed by a massive network of authors. Zerys allows  you to find expert authors easily. You set the price for your project using their framework. Of course, getting an expert to write your content will cost more than a basic top 10 list.

Freelancer & oDesk – Need cheap content? This is your source. The above websites are platforms where many authors can write for you. These sources will match you with one author for your project. Be sure to keep your eye on the content job markets (where the writers go to select jobs) for ideas on content generation!

Well, I believe the question is answered. To blog or not to blog? The data shows you why you need to blog, and the above resources make it easy to generate content!



Gabriel Gervelis
Gabriel Gervelis is the owner of Gervelis Search Marketing. You can find him on Twitter - @seo_pro,
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  • Amie Marse

    Great call 🙂 Of course I’m biased that people use a smaller content firms like mine… but as long as you are leveraging your analytics you will be well ahead of the curve. In fact, I wrote a post not too long ago about how your writing service (whichever you use) should be allowed access to your analytics. That way they can help you leverage the best hot button spots on your site 🙂

    • Gabriel Gervelis

      Blog posts based on long tail keyword research the perfect way to give the market exactly what they are looking for! I’m with ya Amie, small content firms are the way to go.

      Personally, I think if you need 300, 400 word movie reviews generated in two weeks, having a small content expert like yourself manage a source like “Media Piston” is the way to go…this will ensure quality and produce a cost effective product.

  • Marc Ensign

    I’m not a big fan of outsourcing blog content. It almost always comes out very stale and “been there, done that” unless you go with a really good firm that learns all of the ins and outs and personality of your company. In my opinion, the more successful blogs come from within the company or the individual.

    • Gabriel Gervelis

      Marc –

      Well said man! successful blog’s should be powered by the expert or experts in the company. That is the type of content that goes viral and truly delivers a successful blog.

  • Devon Jamie

    There is no doubt that this system / idea works. Those who arrive from finding quality content not only stick and read, but more importantly trust what your site says as you have already answered one of their questions when they arrive at your post. The most important thing to remember is to deliver on your promises ie make sure your content adds value and does not pretend as this will destroy trust, quickly.

  • Mark Fasel

    First off, great article on explaining the importance of blogging. As an SEO expert, I spend much time convincing clients on the need to blog and maintain good quality content. With the changing of the web, engagement is the key to success online and a user will only be engaged if the content provides useful or valuable information to them. As such, whatever your business, find your niche with your blog and become an industry expert. It takes time to build a following, but like the famous quote “If you build it they will come”. This is can be very true.

  • Sarah Tharp

    I agree. A company blog is vital to any SEO strategy as well. Creating quality content around your keywords is a great way to improve your rankings in the search engines. Also, Writer’s Access is another content outsourcing site I’ve used which produced well-written articles.

  • Telefon Dinleme

    When I first heard blogging, I thought that it is not very usefull for seo but today, we can see what important it is. Google loves blogs and articles so if you want to increase the position of your website in search results, you “have to” write blog and articles. Today writing blogs and articles is a job and a lot of online workers doing this job. But please note that, doing copy and paste of blogs and articles will effect in negative. Google only cares about unique contents. So you must be creative on writing. Good luck every webmaster on the internet world. Thanks for this share.

  • Manuel

    Our started with this idea in mind: create content at fixed times and try to answer some questions. We have an editorial calender in place and just got our first ebook out. Evergreen resources are good link baits and we know we need to keep on creating content.

    We don’t particularly like to outsource because we write about optimization and web design. It is not easy at all to find someone knowledgeable on any of these platforms that is able to understand what we are talking about and that an write good copy.

    You DO have a point: Google loves new content and most of our rankings have been gained by creating new content. 😀

    • Amie Marse

      That’s a great way to build a solid editorial calendar, but why is it hard to find someone that can write for your space? Site optimization and web design are crazy popular right now and there are tons of freelancers that specialize in it. I suggest you check out the resources mentioned in the post and the comments 🙂

      When you interview the writer ask them about their philosophy, or maybe ask if they have heard of particular industry leaders you like. That way you know you are on the same page.

      Another great resource is 🙂

  • Nick Stamoulis

    “Feature the popular blog posts in your newsletters. ”

    I think content recycling is a great way to give you content a second chance at life. I use older posts in my company newsletters and I find that sharing them again helps get them a little more exposure in the social networks. As long as the content is still relevant, not why use it to your advantage?

  • Angelique

    If blogging is so important, why the emphasis on spending the least amount of money for content? Business owners need to understand the value of investing in good content.

    • Amy

      Hear hear, Angelique! Some businesses we’ve worked with “get it” and understand the value of content (and that great content costs a good amount of coin). This isn’t the case for every business, though. They lament, “We’re not writers!” and “Writing is hard!” but then refuse to pay writers what their content is worth. It’s a marvelous contradiction.

      The difficulty with blogging/content creation is that the value often takes time to present itself. Sometimes you have to blog consistently for months before you start moving toward your goals (whether it’s better SERPs ranking, or more leads, or more traffic, etc.). Some companies refuse to continue because they don’t see instant benefit, and don’t want to keep “wasting money” for something that “isn’t working.”

  • Ozio Media

    Online marketing is driven by quality content and communicating with customers via the company blog is the most effective way of informing them about yourself and your services. While it is possible to outsource content, the best results will come from articles that are written by key people in your business. Failing that, it is vital to choose the right freelance writer for the job to ensure the value of what you post on the blog.

  • Rick Noel

    Excellent post Gabriel about why businesses should use blogging as part of their inbound marketing strategy. For our website, the most viewed page in the past 30 days was a popular blog post, which beat out the home page for most views in the last 30 days. Many of our leads come through the blog and our engagement metrics are similar to your in terms of traffic enters through the blog versus landing on the website. The blog is our strongest traffic acquisition asset. Thanks for sharing.

  • Suzanne Mannion

    I totally agree that people that read (good) blog content are more engaged – which is one of the main reasons why someone should blog. Building awareness and support is extremely important for organizations or authors. We recently considered “why to blog” and I recommend reading further in the following blog article: