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Title: Top PPC post for October 2011

Below are 7 fantastic PPC articles I found in October. Each title is a link to the article and I included a summary of what I liked about each one. Please let us know about your favorite October PPC articles in the comments below.

How to separate match types in adCenter

It’s a common strategy in AdWords to break out match types in order to manage and optimize them separately. To do so, you need to create separate ad groups for each match type and then add in negatives of the other match types. Learn how to split up match types in each search engine, a practice often considered only feasible in AdWords due to their negative keyword match types.

Google +1’s Arrive on Display Advertising Network

As many of you know the Google Display Network is now displaying the +1 Button in the Ads.  This article will give you tips and tricks on how to take advantage of this and use it to your advantage.  Now is the time to get started with Display Network ads.  It’s so easy to set up and businesses can leverage their website credibility to vouch for your new ads.

My 7 Deadly sins of Paid Search Marketing

Do you pay attention to each one of your PPC accounts on a daily basis?  If you don’t, you should really read this post.  You must know all the downfalls of a PPC account.  Knowing the pitfalls of campaigns will help you to improve your PPC skills and help improve your clients’ accounts.

Every PPC marketing professional should know that testing is key.  If you aren’t testing your landing pages before you’re pushing traffic to them you are setting yourself up to fail.

3 Metrics Google Analytics Beginners Should Watch

Every good PPC master should know everything there is to know about Google Analytics.  Knowing everything about Google Analytics will help you to track everything and prove your worth, just a little bit more, to your PPC clients.

This article walks you through the basics in your Google Analytics account.  You should know what your website visitors are doing on your site, where they are going and what they are doing.  Know which pages they are bouncing from your site.

8 Tips To Improve Quality Scores

This is a post that we put together that goes over the top 8 tips to improve the quality scores in your account.  You’ll learn the top 8 ways to get your account better quality scores that will cause you to spend less money while getting more clicks.

7 Lessons Learned Running and SEO Agency

Though this isn’t directly related to PPC, I find the principles and lessons learned through this article are priceless and can be applied to a PPC Agency.  Neil Patel the author of the article has founded several companies and agencies that have made millions every year in revenue.  Starting from the age of 17 he founded a company that was bringing in between 10K – 20K a month.  He goes over challenges and difficulties that he had and tells us how to overcome them by not making the same mistakes he did.

One key take away that I learned from this post is it’s much easier to keep a client then to get a new one.  This past week I considered dumping a client for a new client, after reading this post I decided to keep them.  I called them up, and laid it all on the table.  The call went great and they ended up raising their budget.  When you have nothing to lose and you don’t want a client because they are taking to much time or being a pain, let them know.  People typically don’t think they are being a pain unless you let them know.  If you lose them because of this at least you know you tried.

Internet Marketing Halloween Heros

It’s the time of the year when everyone dresses up for Halloween.  This year our friends at Maple North put together a comical post about the Heros in the internet marketing industry that we all look up too.  Everything from Super Rand (Rand Fishkin) to Wilverine (Wil Reynolds) dressed up as modern day super heros.  Check out all the internet marketing Superheros for Halloween 2011.

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Title: Top PPC post for October 2011

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