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Three Things You Need to Know about the Yellow Pages

Three Things You Need to Know about the Yellow Pages

Local business owners know that they have to be very thorough when it comes to their marketing strategies. Fact is, you will never know how or where you will be able to find new customers. For this reason, small businesses need to exhaust all possible avenues even if that means utilizing marketing platforms which one thinks are outdated like the Yellow Pages.

Although it is true that people are now more reliant on the internet then they are with phone directory, a significant portion of the population still turn to the Yellow Pages. Hey, you cannot force everyone to be computer literate in the first place. Here are three things that every local business owner needs to know about the Yellow Pages.

1. You can fix Yellow Page ad mistakes quite easily.

One thing about Yellow Page ads is that something is bound to go wrong year after year. But you can rectify all the little glitches quite easily just as long as you know your customers.

What will usually impress any average reasonable customers are professionally designed ads with persuasive content. Your ad should not just look great but also have a concise but attention-grabbing headline and a strong offer. Do not mistake your headline as simply your business’ name and logo. Instead, go for a witty statement instead.

2. You can take full control of your Yellow Page ad.

Yellow Page ads are made by a directory publisher. Knowing how crucial your ad is in getting new customers, business owners need to take full charge. To begin with, will a directory publisher be able to come up with something creative and distinct for your ad in the hopes that it stand out from the rest of the listings?

Chances are that he or she won’t. Only those ads which are different from the others will be able to hook in new customers.

3. Treat the Yellow Pages differently.

Fact is that advertising in Yellow Pages is different from any other advertising platform there is. Why? With most ads, you put the idea in the consumer’s head to purchase a product from your store. But with Yellow Pages, customers already intend to purchase something but what they are not certain about is where to make that purchase. For that reason, when a person flips the directory, your ad must be so distinct and creative that it leaps out and grabs the attention of the consumer.

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Three Things You Need to Know about the Yellow Pages

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