This Week In Search – What’s Going On With Links?

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As part of SEJ’s focus on Search, we’re trying to put on a weekly Video series to help our readers know what’s better going on in the search industry.  Search Engine Journal’s John Rampton and Murray Newlands recently interviewed Linkdex’s Mark Smith regarding all things SEO. In their conversation, Smith alludes to the changing online environment, and focuses on the importance of relevancy rather than volume when it comes to search engine optimization.

State of Search with Linkdex

Smith also notes that social media is going to play an interesting role in the year to come, and that success will be based on an understanding of who is doing what, and how influential authors are within that space.

Ultimately, Smith argues that “relevancy is everything” and that volume is becoming increasingly less influential. Search engines are beginning to shift their eyes towards the reason for links to exist and their influence rather than large statistics. In the immediate future, authors will be forced to specialize, leaving the “jack of all trades” approach behind.

For more be sure to watch the full interview below.

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