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The Yahoo Management Shake Up Starts

Here you go, the much anticipated  management re-structure which Yahoo’s new CEO Carol Bartz was rumored to implement. Posting on Yodel Anecdotal, Ms. Bartz has this to say:

So today I’m rolling out a new management structure that I believe will make Yahoo! a lot faster on its feet. For us working at Yahoo!, it means everything gets simpler. We’ll be able to make speedier decisions, the notorious silos are gone, and we have a renewed focus on the customer. For you using Yahoo! every day, it will better enable us to deliver products that make you say, “Wow.”

Kicking off her plan is the creation of the new Customer Advocacy Group which hopes to address customer complaints and dissatisfaction about Yahoo products.  According to Ms. Bartz, since she sat down as Yahoo’s CEO, she got lots of angry calls from frustrated customers.

The Customer Advocacy Group aims to hear customers’ voices regarding Yahoo products and to address these grievances all for the ultimate goal of providing the best products to their customers.

Exactly, what this new group is going to do and who is going to head it remains unknown still.

In addition to creating this Customer Advocacy Group, Ms. Barts also mentioned something about the Yahoo branding. According to her, we should expect Yahoo to beef up a brand campaign that is aimed at instilling to everyone of us what the Yahoo brand really is.

And that I think is a clearer picture of what’s in store for Yahoo in the coming days. It’s time for Yahoo to find it’s real focus, to bring back its glory days.

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The Yahoo Management Shake Up Starts

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