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Trying to keep track of backlinks is one of the most miserable elements of being a guest blogger. Relying on the blog owner not to remove, edit or cancel backlinks in posts and bylines, you often have recourse if something goes wrong. This is not due to any malicious intentions by the blog owner, but simply that you might not realize a change has occurred, and sometimes they won’t, either.

Over the last few years there have been a number of programs created to deal with this issue. Usually expensive and complicated, guest bloggers that are limited in their in technical knowledge might be reluctant to use them. Especially given the SEO focus that is heavy on most applications. They just aren’t made with writers in mind.

The First Blogger-Centric Tracker

MyBlogGuest Tracker

At we have attempted to take care of this issue. We are offering the first blog-centric link tracking called MBG Tracker. Created with bloggers as their primary focus, it is very basic and easy to use.

The fundamental priorities with this tracker are:

  • Watch for guest post deletion or edits, e.g.:
    • To look out for domain expiration where your work is hosted.
    • Check for SEO backlink plugins that have been enacted on blogs and broken your byline and post backlinks.
  • Monitor traffic, likes and tweets.

How It Works

You open the program and create a new project. This will allow you to specify parameters using a base URL, which will monitored. This makes it easier to collect various articles under the single URL, instead of endless projects being open at once.

Once you have the projects created, you will be able to add your guest post URLs. The tool will automatically retrieve each page details (like article title and you link details):

Link tracking with MyBlogGuest Tracker

If anything ever goes wrong with any of your guest post or links, you’ll receive an email alert( when there are any changes you should be aware of). Once you are alerted, you will be able to act accordingly. For example, if a domain has expired due to a website being abandoned, you can take your work elsewhere. If someone chooses to delete a post, you can contact the blog owner to tell them you will be providing the post to another website.

From the application itself, you can watch the tweets, Facebook likes and overall traffic. It is a quick way to see the impact of specific posts. For example, you can easily identify the guest post that sent you most traffic (and to guest post there again):

Track traffic from guest posts MyBlogGuest Tracker

Or find guest articles that enjoyed hugest social media traction:

Track social media shares

The Future of MBG Tracker

You might be surprised by how simple these features really are. There are no frills of included SEO tools other than basic traffic monitoring. For most guest bloggers, this will be an adequate amount of features. Especially given the low price, which is only to cover development costs.

But some new features are on the way, including a customizable .PDF exporter, a guest post widget, traffic history, etc.

If you want to give it a try, you can create your trial account here: MyBlogGuest Tracker

Disclaimer: The tool belongs to me. This review is biased but absolutely free.

Ann Smarty
Ann Smarty is the blogger and community manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas. Ann's expertise in blogging and tools serve as a base for her writing, tutorials and her guest blogging project,
Ann Smarty
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  •!/asifdilshad AsifDilshad

    Good Work Ann this tool will make our work little easier. I join your blogging network some time ago for testing but quit using it due to low quality blogs but know I think I should reactive my account again to test this tool I hope this tool will up to the mark.

    • +Ann Smarty

      Thanks for checking it out. The tool is a standalone one – you can find it here

  • Paul

    This could be a very useful tool for us as we start to do more guest blogging. Is it really for posts made outside of MyBlogGuest (as I believe there is already tracking built into MBG)?

    • +Ann Smarty

      Thanks, Paul! Yes, the similar functionality is available for MyBlogGuest Advanced users. But the Tracker is a separate tool you can use outside the MBG platform for tracking all your links and their effectiveness!

  • Cory H

    This is a great new feature for the MBG arsenal. Really looking forward to trying it out.

    Thanks for continuing to improve the site’s tools & offerings!


    • +Ann Smarty

      Thanks for the support, Cory!

  • Joe Wong

    Great insight, just getting started with “myblogguest” and this comes very handy to know.. 😉

  • Paul @ IMH Blog

    Looks like a great addition to MBG, ill be sure to sign up and give this a try

  • Adam

    You know, I didn’t even have a clue that something like this existed. This would be such a help to me you don’t even realize! Thank you! Great post!

  • Dame

    Very useful post. Tracking and measuring of effects is essential part of every guest posting campaign. With Ann’s advices and tools on mbg content care reached totally new level of control .

  • Daniel Ripoll

    Very cool Ann. This will be an excellent tool for MBG members. Way to think ahead and anticipate the needs of your audience.

  • shashi kumar

    Really it’s a awesome post. It is too much valuable for any blogger. I have not before used this kind of feature but now after knowing it’s great features who will can stop himself to use it. If i say then it will play like a third “eye” for any blog. Good luck and keep writing like this best articles. I would like to use it asap.