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The Future of Search, According to Google’s Meyer

Reacting to several flaks she received during a published story quoting her with the following statements:

I think there will be a continued focus on innovation, particularly in search. Search is an unsolved problem. We have a good 90 to 95% of the solution, but there is a lot to go in the remaining 10%.

Google’s Marissa Meyer is now clarifying her statement via a post at the Official Google Blog entitled, the Future of Search.

According to Meyer, search as we know it today will tremendously change over the next ten years. These changes will have something to do with personalization, localization, socialization and “multi-lingualization.” In essence the future of search according to Ms. Meyer is something which will give better results based on user profiles, geographic location and human rather than machine algorithms.

And yes, the future of search engine should also be language friendly, that no matter what language it is written, the search engine should be able to crawl it and give it as a relevant search result to the users.

As a final clarification Ms. Meyer said:

We’re all familiar with 80-20 problems, where the last 20% of the solution is 80% of the work. Search is a 90-10 problem. Today, we have a 90% solution: I could answer all of my unanswered Saturday questions, not ideally or easily, but I could get it done with today’s search tool. (If you’re curious, the answers are below.) However, that remaining 10% of the problem really represents 90% (in fact, more than 90%) of the work.

And coming from one of the top Google person, now we couldn’t help but be excited about the future.

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The Future of Search, According to Google’s Meyer

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