The Future Of Online Video Advertising For Online Marketers

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At the Future of Online Advertising convention in New York last week, a commercial was shown to the attendees to show the power in YouTube of not only delivering traffic, but branding as well.

There will be a growing number of opportunities of marketers in the online video space as the net and its technology evolves, and that’s really one place we’re headed now, besides the virtual online world.

Dove Evolution

You might have already seen this, but those of you who haven’t, I thought this was REALLY cool. This is a commercial called, “Dove Evolution”, a 75-second viral film created by Ogilvy & Mather, Toronto, was uploaded to YouTube on Oct. 6, 2006. Since than, it has been played more than 4 million times, got TV and Print media exposure, one of the most blogged about videos and more links than you can imagine. This was a campaign for real beauty for women and only cost about $50k to make! 4 million views and for $50k…good tradeoff?

MarketingVox stated, “The numbers that will definitely grab advertisers’ attention is that a 30-second spot for the 2006 Super Bowl cost $2.5 million, but there was no cost for Dove to upload “Evolution” to YouTube”

Jay Adelson, CEO of and, gave a very interesting presentation on what and where he thinks the online video advertising space is going. Now, he pointed out a major problem. There is no consensus in the industry as to what the standard should be to advertise in video (pre-roll, post-roll, etc.). Adelson displayed a video on the big screen as to how we can solve the problem of “annoying” the viewer, and suggested a great way to advertise in online video is…product placement IN the actual show, movie, commercial, etc. DiggNation podcast was also used as an example.

Adelson’s Example:

This video illustrated how to place a product, at the end of a show, without annoying the viewer and marketing the product or brand with more sense of reality and authenticity rather than a pop-up.

Pablo Palatnik
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  • CaTTiusha

    Great one, Pablo :)) Really enjoyed the Winston commercial. But I wander if these commercials would be so popular on youtube if they weren’t so good in terms of good video commercial. I suppose not but the cost of distribution is rather appealing 🙂

    One of our clients once asked about a good adversticement beside search engines. One of my colleagues told him “why not make a video and upload it on youtube or google video? What would you say for your 2 forklifts fighting or doing some funny stuff?”. All you would need is just a good camera and some background music. It needs to be interesting not expensive 🙂

  • Loren Baker, Editor

    Time for me to take a Winston break 🙂

  • Leslie Snowden

    Video isn’t going away, and Brad Fallon has come up with a brilliant way to incorporate it here at
    My money is on Brad making it work.

  • Pablo Palatnik

    Hey Cattiusha- thanks for the comment. If you have clients interested in video advertising, i really suggest a great company that presented themselves at the FOOA conference, VideoClix. I forgot to write about them in this post…but check out the site and you can really do incredible things with thier software…making every object link to a site, etc.

  • Pozycjonowanie

    “You might have already seen this, but those of you who haven’t, I thought this was REALLY cool. This is a commercial called, “Dove Evolution”, a 75-second viral film created by Ogilvy & Mather, Toronto” I think short video files like that it the future of online marketing.

  • Tracymorris

    Video ads would become mainstream among small business – here is directory that incorporate this concept at – an alternative of local advertising for the smb.