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Thank You and Farewell to John Rampton

farewell to john rampton

john ramptonI would like to announce that John Rampton, Editor-At-Large, is leaving Search Engine Journal. John worked for us for about 2 years, and during that time, he helped us complete many of our long-term goals, which included creating a podcast, doing great video interviews at conferences, and creating long-form guides for our readers.

Personally, I really enjoyed working with John at events and on the editorial process, as his enthusiasm has always been infectious. He is a veteran interviewer, has a great attitude and is always one for making things happen.

John gave me these parting words to share:

It’s been an honor to work with SEJ over the past 2+ years. I’ve worked with some of the best and brightest people in the industry as well as been able to help double SEJ’s readership. I’ve learned so much that’s helped me to get to where I am today. When I started with SEJ I was blogging on a few sites. Because of SEJ, I’ve been able to leverage my online reputation to be able to write for Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc and several other sites. I couldn’t have gotten there without it!

I’ve been extremely busy with working with clients and a few side projects like Startup Grind which we’ve grown to 150 chapters and 100,000+ entrepreneurs that have attended our events, as well as Hostt. You can find out everything I’m working on currently on my personal siteI still plan on being a regular contributor and seeing everyone at events!

Be sure to look for John on Twitter, his guest posts on Inc, Entrepreneur, and Forbes, and occasional contributions to SEJ.

I’m continuing in my role as managing editor of Search Engine Journal, and you can always reach me at kelsey {at}

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Thank You and Farewell to John Rampton

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