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Technology Top 100 Awards – South Africa

Congratulations to Vinny Lingham and his team over at IncuBeta for winning South Africa’s Technology Top 100 Award again this year. I am sure that Brett Tabke from will forgive you for not being able to attend PubCon and fulfill your speaker assignment, considering the reason. PubCon 2006 in Las Vegas was also a huge success which makes forgiving even easier ;).


IncuBeta is involved in new and innovative projects such as, an Online Website Builder tool which is currently in Beta and Clicks2Customers, a PPC Search Marketing Company, CJ Performer and winner of this years Horizon Award winner in the category “Global Vision” at the Commission Junction University (CJU) 2006 affiliate marketing industry event.


Busy as he is, did he still finds the time to support for projects that do not benefit him directly, but the community he lives and works in, like the recently launched community search engine called Sekamo, which is Sotho for “comb” as in combing the web and based on Google’s new Custom Search Engine that launched only a few weeks ago as part of Google Co-Op.


Vinny also maintains a personal blog which I can only recommend to read. He often provides interesting ideas, opinions and suggestions related to problems of the Internet Marketing industry. The following search engine marketing posts would I like to highlight in particular:


* The Future of Search Engines?

* The Math behind Google’s decision to remove Agency Rebates

* The Clash of the Titans – A Fresh Perspective

* Google Launches CPA Ads – Problems with the Model

* Google Landing Page Algorithm Changes


Keep up the good work and don’t party too hard hehe.


Background Information

It has been only a bit over 10 years since the peaceful changes in South Africa that led to the End of Apartheid in 1990 by lifting the ban of the ANC and releasing Nelson Mandela from prison after 27 years. It was followed by the first real democratic elections in 1994 which was won by the ANC with absolute majority, introducing the first black south african president, Nelson Mandela, to the world public. The country was lifted out of international isolation, cultural and economic.

In 1992 was the countries ban from the Olympic games lifted and allowed South Africa to participate in this important international sports event again. The ban was instated in 1964 by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Since 1992 were 18 Olympic medals won by athletes from this new, reborn nation. South Africa will be the host of the next soccer world cup in the year 2010.

Learn more about South Africa at

The country came a long way in just a short period of time and innovators like Vinny’s played and play and integrated part in this development.


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Technology Top 100 Awards – South Africa

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