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Ensure You’re Following TCPA Compliance Regulations: Interview With Daryl Colwell

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Ensure You’re Following TCPA Compliance Regulations: Interview With Daryl Colwell

A big thanks to our Pubcon 2013 sponsor, “the #1 rated online reputation management company”.

In an interview conducted at Pubcon 2013 in Las Vegas, Daryl Colwell of MediaWhiz leads a discussion about TCPA compliance.The TCPA acronym refers to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act implemented by the United States Federal Communications Commission.

As senior vice president of business development for MediaWhiz, Daryl Colwell manages client procurement efforts for all MediaWhiz business units and ensures that all of his efforts are TCPA compliant.

Daryl explains what TCPA compliance is and why it’s important to adhere to the regulations in the video below:

Here are some key takeaways from the video:

  • TCPA compliance means that advertisers have to make it crystal clear when buying contact information that the user is going to be contacted.
  • There have been severe fines issued to cut down on advertisers buying contact information and contacting those individuals without them knowing about it.
  • The fines issued were up to several hundred dollars per incident.
  • To ensure that you’re in compliance you have to make it clear to the user that if they submit their information to you they will be contacted.
  • This just recently came into effect officially, so it’s important for advertisers to know about it in case they are unknowingly breaking rules that could lead to substantial fines.
  • Ultimately if users understand that they will be contacted prior to entering their information, the leads will be more responsive and ultimately drive a higher ROI.

If you have any questions after watching the video, for either myself or Daryl, ask them in the comments section and we will do our best to respond to everyone! Please visit SEJ’s YouTube page for more video interviews from Pubcon 2013.



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