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Targeted Advertising on Facebook

Facebook ads

Because it has close to one billion users, Facebook has a great way of gathering demographic information about its users. In fact, the social networking giant has the best targeted advertising programs online. This enables a brand to target users based on almost anything that’s listed on their profile, as well as track their success with each segment.

Facebook Ads can run a per-impression or per-click basis. It shows you the current bids that are similar to your ads, letting you know whether yours is inline with others in your industry. You can also set a daily limit of your ads so you won’t blog your budget.

Types of Facebook Ads

Facebook has various types of ads that you can choose from. There are ads that direct your audience to your brand’s Facebook Page and straight to your website. You can also create Facebook event ads complete with RSVP link. Also available are the ads for Facebook Groups and Applications.

The good thing about Facebooks ads is that other users can rate it. If your ads direct a user to your Facebook Page, he or she will automatically become a fan of it once the “Like” button is clicked. Users can also close an ad that they don’t like and specify why they don’t like it. This would give you insight whether your ads are doing well or not.

Targeting Options of Facebook Ads

What makes Facebook an ideal social media marketing platform is its powerful targeting options. As mentioned earlier, Facebook Ads allow you to target a user based on almost everything that’s written on their profile.

You may start targeting a potential audience based on its location, and you can even specify the city or country. This option is very helpful for local businesses. From there you can target a customer based on basic demographics such as relationship status, age, birthday, and likes and interests.

The good thing about these options is that you can create “tailor-made ads” depending on the demographic group that you want to target. For example, you’re targeting Mixed Martial Arts fans. You can create individual ads for the fans of George St-Pierre, Anderson Silva, and Jon Jones.

You can then employ these ads to users who have indicated that they’re fans of the mentioned MMA fighters. That way, you can distribute better targeted ads that garner more favorable results.


If you want to have a successful Facebook Marketing campaign, the key here is to know the in and out of the these components and learn how you can use it to your advantage.


Source: Setting up your Facebook Ads | Facebook for Business

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Targeted Advertising on Facebook

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