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A Tale of Two of Apps: Context vs. Context

Recently, I stumbled upon an article that was discussing a novel texting app called Context. The app, which was co-founded by Ben Broca of Now fame, is kinda like Snapchat. It’s a messaging app that could replace SMS by composing text and then take an image that conveys, well, the context of the message. Unlike Snapchat, however, the photos won’t vanish. So, you probably shouldn’t capture any regretful moments.

screen568x568Image Source: iTunes

What else would make people download the free app from iTunes? Well, there’s instant access to a photo-by-photo slideshow of your messages, just in case you want to relive the moment or remember a conversation if you had one too many. The app is also uncomplicated, smooth and a fun way to communicate with friends and family. It’s still too early to tell if Context will be capable of switching people over from SMS, especially when you consider the numerous competitors on the market. So, what could potentially harm the app? That would be Context.

If you’re confused, it’s not all that complicated. See, there’s another app out there called Context.

72144_10151906258427977_276395281_nImage Source: LiveSurface/Facebook

The other Context app was created by Joshua Distler, a former designer at Apple and IDEO, is a revolutionary app for designers that was released on October 29, 2013. Some of the ingenious features include being able to link-up with Illustrator so that you can see concepts side-by-side, real-world previews, easily editing lighting, reflections, emboss depth and transparency and having access to hundreds of hi-res, professionally photographed objects from Distler’s LiveSurface library. Did we forget to mention that designers can create image templates that contain 3D surfaces? Pretty neat, right? Currently, Context is only available on Mac for $9 per month or $89 yearly.

At the time of this writing, we haven’t found out anything regarding the possibility of one of the companies being forced to change names. Both apps are up and running with completely different titled sites. But, and there’s always a but, what if both apps gain the attention of the mainstream? What if someone looking for the latest photo sharing app finds the designer app instead and just gives up searching? We don’t think that that person would be foolish enough to purchase LiveSurface’s Context, but it may be more difficult to find one Context over the other in search engines – particularly since someone would search for ‘Context’ app. In that case, one of the companies may be forced to take action.

Regardless, both Context apps are new to the market and have some time to prove their worth. But, if we were asked which Context is in it for the long-run, we’d have to go with LiveSurface’s Context. The Context texting app may offer a fresh spin to text messages, but the photo-sharing market just seems saturated. The app that LiveSurface has released seems to have some potential. It’s an innovative technology that could help designers manifest their designs into real-world items ranging from billboards to vehicles.

Which Context app are you more excited about and more inclined to use? The photo-sharing app or the app for designers?

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A Tale of Two of Apps: Context vs. Context

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