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Taking Advantage of LinkedIn Today

Source: LinkedIn Today | Official Website

If you’ve been using LinkedIn for a while, you’ll notice that three top stories in your selected industry constantly appear above the updates section. This is the LinkedIn Today, the network’s news aggregation service.

Additionally, users can have the option to send the LinkedIn Today headlines to their email, either on a daily or weekly digest. Good thing, there are simple ways on how you can bring your content on LinkedIn Today.

Start a Blog and Publish Your Content

This is one great reason why your business must have a blog. When it comes to online marketing, you have to realize that people tend to read content and ignore ads. Although advertising can help your brand create awareness on LinkedIn, a great content that has a great chance of landing on multiple user homepages is more important.

Be your own publisher and start a blog. That way, you can share a content that your followers can promote further in order to land on LinkedIn Today.

Add Share Button on Your Blog

Of course, there’s no point of creating your content if you won’t make it shareable. It is a good idea to embed a LinkedIn share button on your blog, as it gives your posts the opportunity to land on various user homepages. In addition, this also gives your readers to follow your account on LinkedIn. As a result, more and more users can see your content, which gives it a greater chance to be posted on LinkedIn Today.

Join Groups and Interact

Since your content can become viral on LinkedIn, this is more reason to be active within your online community. This means that you have to establish a proactive communication with your connection, so that your content will more likely to be shared and featured.

You can also join LinkedIn groups and take part in the discussion with the other members. This is a great way to share your content. The more users find how useful your blog posts are, they greater the chances that they will share it with their network.

You may already know how to promote your business on LinkedIn, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stop there. In fact, a lot of new tools are being added of the business-related social media site all the time. Therefore, you have to follow its progress, and see how it can benefit your brand and your content. You can check out LinkedIn’s Learning Center to have in-depth tutorials that your business can take advantage of.

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Taking Advantage of LinkedIn Today

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