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5 Daily Habits of a Successful SEO Professional

A reader recently asked: For a successful professional SEO expert, what is the daily routine? Here are five daily habits to make part of your routine.

I love this question from today’s Ask an SEO:

For a successful and professional SEO expert, what is the daily routine?

It’s such a great question because it already shows the right mindset.

Developing good daily habits and getting into a routine will help you be more successful in SEO. Here are 5 tips to get you started.

1. Read the Latest Search & Digital Marketing News

The first thing I do in the morning is read the latest news on SEO. That’s how you stay up to date on changes in the search landscape.

You don’t want to be caught off guard by an algorithm update or other change that could impact your projects.

Even if there isn’t a big update to read about, there are always plenty of things to learn. One of the things that makes the SEO industry so great is that people are willing to share their knowledge.

Make it a habit to read posts that contain tips, tools, best practices, etc. that can help you improve your craft.

Here’s a time-saving hack: Use a news aggregator app to compile all new articles in one place. I use Feedly and have it set to show me SEO articles each day. It makes it easy to scroll through, read and save articles.

2. Review & Prioritize Your Task List

After you’ve caught up on the latest news, set yourself up for success for the day.

Keep a task list of some type, whether that is through a project management platform or just a good old-fashioned yellow pad.

Look at what you have to get done for the day and set the priorities. This is something I do every single day.

It helps you ensure that important tasks get done and also that you are meeting your deadlines, which leads to the next habit.

3. Meet Your Deadlines Every Day

One of the sayings I stick by is, “Do what you say you are going to do.”

If you said you would have the keyword research done by Friday, you need to honor that deadline.

While getting results is critical for clients, they also need to feel like they can rely on you. I know of quite a few great SEO professionals who lost clients or were let go from an in-house job because they just couldn’t keep deadlines.

Figure out what will help you stay organized. I use Asana and check/update it religiously throughout the day.

4. Communicate with Key Stakeholders

One of the things that makes SEO work so challenging is that clients, for the most part, can’t actually see it.

The work we do is not tangible until they start seeing results.

For example, if you set up redirects and fix broken links, the typical client isn’t going to be able to understand what has been done unless you tell them.

You might be working hard on a project but if you don’t communicate your work, the client might think your silence means you are not putting in the time.

Constant communication will help you keep clients long-term. If you are in-house, this will help build your job security.

Of course, you have to get results, too. But you need to be transparent.

Ideally, you should be contacting clients/your team and employers at least one or two times a week to keep them updated.

5. Connect & Interact with Other SEO Professionals.

I love the SEO community because people are so willing to share and help each other.

Make the most of this. Get in the habit of connecting and interacting with other professionals on a regular basis.

If you are just starting out, build your network on Twitter (that’s where most SEO pros hang out) and LinkedIn.

Look for forums and groups you can join.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and on the flip side, don’t hesitate to help others out, too.

This daily routine has worked for me and I hope it helps you!

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5 Daily Habits of a Successful SEO Professional

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