Stumbleupon Rolls Out Changes on Recommending Sites and Interests

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We have been watching Stumbleupon a lot lately as it continues to roll out minor changes to the site. Just last week, Kairay Media pointed out how the Social Networking site added search capabilities to segments of the site, like user search to find your friends in Stumbleupon.

Today, we have noticed another interesting addition to the Stumbling process. Stumbleupon has added a new feature that recommends sites that you have been stumbling on frequently based on your Stumbling history. It seems that if you end up stumbling onto a site multiple times, Stumbleupon will now prompt you asking if you would like to see more from that site in general. You can select Yes or No to see more or less from that domain.

Additionally, Stumbleupon doesn’t only recommend sites, but also Interests. It seems that when you are frequently stumbling on a particular interest, you are likely to receive a prompt message asking whether you would like to follow a related Interest or not. So for instance, if you are frequently stumbling on Fashion Interest, you are likely to get related recommendations like Beauty, Photography, and Shopping Interests, as shown below.

We are still testing this new change to figure out how frequently Stumblers have to like pages from the same domain or pages from the same interest before getting these recommendations. If anyone has any information on that, please comment below.

We’d also love to hear what this minor change would mean to you as a Stumbler or a social media marketer. Please feel free to share your thoughts below.

Kristel Cuenta
Kristel Cuenta is the Social Media Manager for Kairay Media, a Social Media Marketing company. When not on Social Media sites, Kit manages a number... Read Full Bio
Kristel Cuenta
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  • Scott McKirahan

    I have a funny feeling you won’t see nearly the number of people up in arms over StumbleUpon invading their privacy by tracking their preferences as you see howling about Google or Facebook doing the same thing.

    • Brent Csutors

      Well in fairness, the StumbleUpon system works completely based on subscribing to interests, where G+ and Facebook are about connecting with people.

  • seogenx

    Didn’t noticed or received such message yet in my stumbleupon account. Hope I can get this message.

    • Kanif

      Yes, I have seen this Interests and Recommending Sites in the Stumbleupon site.

  • Sal Hakim

    I think that we will be seeing more and more of this with other social networks – the message approach to recommendations based on user driven data. That being said, I agree with Scott in that I don’t foresee users being upset of privacy policies compared to G+ and Facebook because it’s more interest based.