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Study Reports 40% of Top Instagram Videos Were Brand-Created


A new study announced by Unruly reports that 40% of the top 1,000 Instagram videos were created and published by brands like MTV.  Many of the top videos on Instagram that were created by over 80 different brands included Disney, Red Bull, Nike, and Samsung. Based of these statistics, it appears that entertainment and apparel brands get the most engagement (Unruly tracked social shares).

Other key findings from Unruly’s report include:
  • The most shared brand on Instagram Video was MTV, with 84 videos in the top 1,000, attracting a total of 134,110 shares altogether across Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere.
  • The most popular verticals in the top 1,000 were Entertainment and Clothing & Apparel
  • The total number of unique Instagram videos shared on Twitter was 176,016 which is equivalent to 10% of the unique YouTube videos shared on Twitter during the same period (1,871,530)
  • 9 out of 10 Instagram video shares occurred on Facebook

Video Marketing on Social Media

This data proves that video marketing on social media networks like Instagram and Vine proves that video is something brands need to begin implementing into their social media study. Unruly also reported that,

“Interest in short-form video content has grown significantly in 2013 following the launch of Vine and video for Instagram. Instagram now boasts 150 million active users (source:Instagram), while six-second sensation Vine has gone from zero to 40 million registered users in just over 9 months (source: Vine).”

Millions of users on these networks (and their willingness to share brand’s videos thousands of times) should be ammunition enough to get going on social video.

photo credit: @yakobusan Jakob Montrasio 孟亚柯 via photopin cc

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Study Reports 40% of Top Instagram Videos Were Brand-Created

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