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Steve Ballmer Attending Google’s 7th Birthday Party?

Steve Ballmer Attending Google’s 7th Birthday Party?

Not much to write about this, but just wanted to wish a happy birthday to Google, which just turned seven. Google has changed a lot in seven years, growing from a simple mathematically algorithmic search engine in a Stanford lab to a mega media and advertising company with a cut throat knack of competing with Microsoft, Yahoo and other software firms in the world of messaging, downloads, print advertising, and mobile technology.

Of course this was all planned out in the beginning, right? However, since this is Google – the choir boys of the business world, I’m sure that their sworn enemies, like Steve Ballmer, are wishing them well on their birthday. Yep, I can envision Mr. Ballmer right now, happily cruising down I-85 in his red shiney pick-up truck, full of aerodynamically designed special Birthday Chairs. Hope the Google Plex is chair proof (yes, this is my weak attempt at humor).

What else is the 7th of September famous for? Brasil’s Dia de Independencia – Brazil’s Independence Day where they broke away from Portuguses rule in 1822! If you see anyone walking around with a yellow, green and blue shirt today be sure to wish them a happy Sete de Septembro. Or, stop into Orkut where you can surely celebrate Google’s Birthday and Brazil’s Independence Day at the same time.

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Steve Ballmer Attending Google’s 7th Birthday Party?

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