Stats on Facebook 2012 [Infographic]

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The folks at Infographic Labs have made an extremely informative infographic full of Facebook stats.

  • The stat that shocks me the most is that there are 250 million photos uploaded daily!
  • Another shocker is the personal worth of Mark Zucherburg based on his shares of FB (see IPO section)
  • Facebook made $1 Billion in 2011
  • Zynga games account for 12% of Facebook’s total revenue in 2011.

There are many other great stats  in this IG. I hope the data can be useful to you. Visit for the embed code.

Melissa Fach

Melissa Fach

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Melissa Fach

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  • Berry Desouza

    It`s Really Awesome, I m Using the Facebook since 2005. and i have many friends. at one day i have lost my mobile phone so, i lost my all friends phone number. i just update on facebook that i have lost my mobile and please give ur numbers to all friends. then with the help of facebook i again got my friend.

  • Winston Gordon

    I am a a student at the Newhouse school at Syracuse University and I am studying Social Media Theory & Practice with Dr4Ward #NewhouseSM4. I was shocked by some of the things in the infographic but others I thought were predictable. The fact that Facebook made $1 Billion in 2011 is not surprising at all, but the fact that Zynga is such a large portion of their revenue and that there are more European Facebook users than North American ones took me by surprise. Numbers don’t tell the whole story but numbers can give great insight which is why these infographics are always great to look at.

  • Webbingyourway


    There is no doubt about it; this world is moving to a more social networking. I attended a conference which they said “Facebook is making shopping social again”. If you think about it, before making any big purchases, we go on and see who liked a certain product, what are the reviews, etc. I remember that when I purchased my first TV, I bought the one that I thought looked had the best picture and was in my price range (regardless, this was back before Twitter / Facebook was around). But the thing that scares me is the 250 million photos uploaded everyday. People, you are giving Facebook 250 million photos for them to store on their own computer….. would you EVER give any photos to some stranger to put on their computers? But that is the type of world we live in now.

  • Anders Keitz

    It is incredible to see how much Facebook’s net income has grown over the course of just three years. As of right now most of its money comes from advertising. I wonder if Facebook’s source of income will change drastically in the future and if we should expect the same increase in net income next year.

    • Baby Deals

      @Anders Keitz

      It can not keep increasing same way. I guess they are somehow reaching the max reveneue growth rate. That is the reason for filing IPO.

  • Girish Kalra

    India is No.2 in terms of facebook users. Time we had some Indianization in the games/ apps.

  • Lorenzo

    This is no infographic, this is just a bunch of data displayed nicely. Infographics are about making data easier to understand, not prettier to see.

  • Oklahoma Web Design

    Just what I was looking for. Thanks for the info on Facebook. 845 million active users… businesses need not miss out on the opportunity to market themselves for free on social media!