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The State Of Podcasting In 2014: An Interview With Zac Johnson

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The State Of Podcasting In 2014: An Interview With Zac Johnson

As part of our SEJ interview series, I recently caught up with Zac Johnson to discuss the state of podcasting in 2014. Zac has a new podcast called Rise of the Entrepreneur, which he puts out twice a week.

I took this opportunity with Zac to ask him about his podcast and to share some of what he’s learned with aspiring podcasters. In the video below, Zac shares his best advice on how to keep listeners engaged week after week.

Here are some key takeaways from the video:

  • Creating a podcast is 1,000 times harder than writing a blog, Zac says. There’s a lot more work involved. For instance, you need to research person you’re interviewing, schedule a time to complete the interview, then do post-production editing on the audio to get it ready for distribution.
  • Prepare yourself by knowing everything there is to know about the person you’re interviewing for your podcast. Sometimes the person you’re interviewing will only feel like giving one word answers, so what do you do then? You need to know enough about the person to be able to fill time when needed.
  • What’s the best way to consistently get good guests for your podcast? One way is by brand yourself – by having a blog of your own so you can put your face out there and show you’re an authority in your field. The bigger brand and following you have, the bigger guests you will be able to bring onto your podcast.
  • Zac’s favorite podcasting tool is first his website, because without a website he wouldn’t have been able to grow his podcast as quickly. His second favorite tool is his audio guy who helps produce all his podcasts, that way Zac can just focus on creating the content. The key takeaways here are to build your brand with a personal website, and have someone on board who can professionally produce your podcast.

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