State Of SEO 2024: In-house Report

This year’s State of SEO survey results are in – and while in-house SEO professionals generally fell in line with other industry professionals, they also expressed a distinct set of concerns.

While agency SEOs tend to use specialists for things like managing expectations, communicating with clients, and securing budgets, in-house pros often have to be their own advocates – and proving SEO value to business executives is no easy feat.

So, as an in-house SEO professional, how do you address your unique internal communication and approval challenges, especially in this ever-evolving landscape?

How can you adapt your SEO strategy for success, while facing key industry disruptors like search algorithm shifts and generative AI?

In our second annual In-House SEO report, we offer essential first-party data and insights to give you a competitive edge throughout the remainder of 2023 and beyond.

Download your copy for these in-house specific insights:

  • Career experience and hiring trends within SEO.
  • Impacts of AI technology on SEO.
  • Challenges, focus areas, and business opportunities.
  • Industry predictions and how in-house SEO teams plan the next 12 months.
  • Key points of concern for in-house pros, including: third-party cookies, changes in SERPs and to algorithms, understanding audiences, site UX and conversions.

Although in-house SEO concerns come from different places, in the end, they look relatively similar to their agency counterparts.

In line with other SEO pros, in-house respondents acknowledge the challenges tied to content strategy and production, as well as the transformative potential of generative AI.

Another shared sentiment among SEO professionals is the prioritization of performance metrics focused on user behavior and core business/revenue outcomes.

Want access to more in-house insights to guide your next 12 months of SEO strategy?

State Of SEO 2024: In-House Report unveils the perspectives, challenges, and strategic approaches of in-house SEO professionals to help you stay ahead of the curve.