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Among the current crop of social networks, LinkedIn is perhaps the only one which is catering to business professionals but more specifically to the tech-savvy internet professionals. If you’re not so much into Internet/Web stuff, chances are you might not be into LinkedIn. Technically there has been no social network that caters to the small to medium business practitioners until now.


New social networking site has just launched its service offering small business owners with a platform where they can socialize and network with fellow business practitioners. is a full-featured social community with all the frills of other major social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace. It’s got a nicely drafted main page displaying all the features of the site, which includes members’ uploaded photos, business videos from its video library dealing mostly with inspirational and motivational video clips showing different aspects of starting a small business. Additionally, also features daily articles culled from the big 7 business magazines and journals which include Inc, Businessweek, FSB, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Forbes and Fortune.

But aside from these features, what sets apart from other social networking sites and which makes it unique is the presence of resident business experts in the site. They have a corporate lawyer who answers legal questions relating to business matters. There’s also a resident “Search Guru” which helps members on how to improve on their sites’ Google rankings. The Search Guru offers tips and techniques and free SEO advice. Finally, also has a veteran serial entrepreneur who mentors members on all business management and strategy.


Like any other social networking site, joining is free and takes only a few minutes of registration process. If you are a small business practitioner hoping to learn some good business strategies, won’t fail you in achieving that goal.

Arnold Zafra
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Arnold Zafra
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  • Ian Hendry

    Interesting write up, but there is way more than LinkedIn to consider for business biased social networking. In Europe the following two are the equvivalents of LinkedIn and

    By the way, could this company you are reporting on not get a better domain name? I have no idea where the dots are meant to be in this and Startup produces millions of results on Google. These guys biggest challenge is likely to be getting found, even if people here about them.

  • R.C. Beckom

    I enjoy using ., it allows me to do many things that I could not do on other free sites with many promotional tools to use, before I ran into I was trying to figure out how could I get my stories out to the public so that they could get a general idea of my writings , with startup. biz I’m able to allow others to download my stories in audio book form free of charge and I still get to make the general public aware of the fact that they also can create themselves a site where they can promote their wares and network with others free,. so happy hunting and if by chance you happen to run into the name R.C. Beckom anywhere, please put me on your buddy list, and I will be sure to put you on mine.

  • Steve SEO UK

    Joining is one of the best decisions I’ve made in recent months. There is a wealth of help and small business news. Everyone is so friendly and there is no fear of being banned if you promote your services. Highly recommend.