SpyFu Recon: Your Domain Keyword Position Insight “that Sells for You”

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SpyFu is announcing their new tool called “SpyFu Recon” that gives some essential organic keyword insight and I have been lucky enough to give it a test drive.

For any given domain, the tool builds a huge report reflecting the domain keyword positions, changes and potential.

Let’s take a quick look at what data is waiting for you inside:

1. Your Keyword Positions and Value – Visualized

Your SEO Dashboard consists of various visualizations of your keyword positions, clicks they drive and value they result in:

  • Amount of keywords in top search results
  • Number of unique pages that rank organically
  • Total organic clicks per month
  • Value of organic clicks per month

SEO Dashboard

2. Your Biggest Gains

One of the most valuable section of the report is the one listing your most notable keyword standing changes: your most valuable gains in organic search as well as your most notable newly-ranked pages:

  • Biggest gains;
  • Most valuable keywords;
  • Newly ranked pages;
  • New keywords (You weren’t ranked on before);
  • Top site sections summary
  • Biggest opportunities (good keywords you are almost on top)
  • “Keywords Not Ranked On But Should Be” (keywords your direct organic competitors show up for on top but you don’t);
  • Keyword overlap in your SEO & PPC campaigns

Keyword position change

3. Grouping Your Keywords

The awesome part is that the tool will categorize your keywords by the core term and create the report for keyword groups with the biggest gains:

SpyFu keyword

Apart from showing your already high-traffic keyword groups, the tool also lists “Keyword groups with high potential“.

4. Your Organic Search Competitors

The tool offers some very solid competitor insight:

  • See the list of your top organic competitors and their best keywords;
  • See keywords your competitors are good at (while you are not).

SpyFu competition report

Overall, browsing the report turned out to be an amazing experience to me as I had a chance to discover some absolutely new and promising opportunities. That being said, I’d say the tool does a great job. I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Search Engine Journal & SpyFu will be giving away 3 free SpyFu Recon accounts (for 6 months) so you too can take SpyFu Recon for a test drive and try it out with your SEO strategies.

Just tweet the following :

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And/or Leave a Comment Below on why you WANT SpyFu Recon!

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Ann Smarty

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  • Jill

    Would LOVE to try this out for my clients and my own personal websites. With the search engines getting more clever in their ranking algorithms it would be nice to have something that can help give me an edge….

  • Jill

    Would LOVE to try this out for my clients and my own personal websites. With the search engines getting more clever in their ranking algorithms it would be nice to have something that can help give me an edge….

  • This looks like exactly what every SEO Analyst needs. The concept make sense and the graphics look good… I can’t wait to try it out. I WANT SpyFu Recon so I can better assess where my client’s are in relation to their competitors. I WANT SpyFu Recon so I can provide easy to understand graphics for my clients. I WANT SpyFu Recon so that I can provide better SEO results for my clients. I hope I win a free trial Ann 🙂

  • I want to try this beta so that i can test it and provide my suggestions what we can improve, and obviously would like to test my clients websites as well. But most important want to become a contributor/member in a upcoming great keyword analyzer tool.

  • It seems simple to use yet very insightful. My company doesn’t have a huge budget for paid tools, so I’d love to give it a try for free to prove it’s value.

  • Mike

    Hey Ann,

    Thanks for the great review. FYI, it’s actually not beta anymore. It’s fully tested and live.

    • Oh really? It was when I was testing it LOL
      I’ll update the article now – thanks!

  • Looks to provide some incredible analytics I didn’t even think were possible. Would love to have this insight to take my web based publication, DotSauce Magazine to the next level.

  • Looks like a very powerful report and analysis tool here Anne. Would love to get an account. 🙂

  • yeah sure I need a try of this beta ride 🙂

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  • Anonymous

    I think this tool is going to be a gift to all online marketers and I dont think there is a tool of this kind available in market, so obviously this tool is going to rock.
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  • Wow, that’s a very interesting information complete with all the need graphs.. Hope to have one also.

  • Anonymous

    I’m running out of things to say to my clients when they are not happy with good results. This could really help pin point significant opportunities and highlights from their campaign to talk them of the ledge.

    I neeeeeeeddd the SPyFu Recon!

  • I am going to want to play with this tool 🙂

  • Love this!! All the information I want in one nicely laid out report. I manage thousands of keywords monthly just for 1 site, so this report would be ideal as an instant assessment and also as a contributor when presenting to business owners. Fantastic!

  • def want to try it out… would love to win 🙂

  • I’ve already bagged two new SEO and PPC clients from the free version of SpyFu. SpyFu Recon looks like it would deliver killer competitive intel that I could bring to my existing clients and help me get even more new ones. Bring it on.

  • Wow, Spyfu is definitely something that I haven’t seen before in competition analysis.

  • Robert Urban

    Looks like a very powerful report and analysis tool here. Would love to try a test drive to see if I want to buy. Thanks for the consideration.