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Sphinn : Best Search Engine Community/Forum of 2007

Sphinn : Best Search Engine Community/Forum of 2007

Before search engine blogs, there were always search engine forums, where members could swap ideas, ask questions and argue over the latest trends in SEO and search marketing.

I learned most of what I know from my early days in forums and discussion groups, monitoring Webmaster World, SitePoint, Cre8asite, HighRankings and even the I-Search email list for tips and info on SEO, blogging and linking.

Forums have advanced over the years, with sites like Search Engine Watch or Google Blogoscoped having their own, while some discussion has found its way onto a whole new style of community, via Digg-esque social news sharing.

Communities nominated for the Best Search Engine Community/Forum of 2007 were :

And the winner is ….


Sphinn : Best Search Engine Community/Forum of 2007Sphinn, the Third Door Media property and sister site of Search Engine Land, is a Digg-style social news sharing and voting site specifically for search engine marketing (they say Internet marketing, but mostly SEM related news and users).

Sphinn launched this year and unlike some of the other search oriented sites using Pligg to power their news and voting, Sphinn launched to fanfare and great timing, as a well branded and complete Search Marketing community (even with WordPress plugins and Facebook Applications) just about right after closed and most search marketing sites were being buried at Digg 🙂

Danny Sullivan and company pulled off a winner with Sphinn, taking the sharing and voting of search marketing news and tips to new levels and although the discussions are not always as helpful as forums, Sphinn has proven that the medium of Pligg, with added user loyalty, can build an amazing search marketing hub.

Congrats to Sphinn, one of my favorite search marketing destinations!

Sphinn : Best Search Engine Community/Forum of 2007

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