Speculation Abounds in Advance of Facebook Press Event

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Last week Facebook sent out an invitation to the press to “Come See What We Are Building.”  The invitation gave no clues as to what the press would be coming to see only when and where to be to see it.  The event is scheduled for tomorrow, and speculations have been running wild about what Facebook could be announcing.



The top rumor going around online is that it’s a new Facebook phone.  This is in spite of how vehemently Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, has denied that there was anything of the sort in the works.  Of course, that is probably the reason why people are still talking about it.  Mr. Zuckerberg seems to object a little too strongly to that notion.  Bear in mind that Facebook is a company of hackers in love with code.  They are software geeks not hardware guys.  Why limit themselves to one mobile device when they already have their code living, posting, tracking on every smartphone, tablet, and computer on the market?

Search may be coming to Facebook.  It has been a topic that Zuckerberg has been very excited to talk about recently.  But don’t expect the first incarnation to be something to rival Google just yet.  More likely it will just be better search options within Facebook.  That would at least be consistent with recent updates to privacy settings.

A full roll out of a redesign to Timeline could be a possibility.  They have been testing a new design for several months, and it would certainly be a change significant enough to make a big announcement.

One idea from TechCrunch writer, Josh Constine, is that maybe they are going to revamp notes to take on Tumblr.  This may be wishful thinking on Constine’s part, but it would have my vote.  One of the things I loved about MySpace back in the days before Facebook ate it alive was the blogging feature within the account.  Facebook has never had a decent option for publishing.  But I would contend that this is a feature that users would love, but not the kind of thing that businesses need.  Smart content strategy for anyone with a website is to keep your great content on your own site and share the link to your Facebook network.

Tomorrow will tell the tale, but we can dream a little longer while we wait.  What would you like to see Facebook change, update, or add?

Michelle Stinson Ross

Michelle Stinson Ross

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Michelle Stinson Ross
Michelle Stinson Ross
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  • Rick Noel

    Nice piece Michelle. Search will be a bit of a stretch in terms of classic Google dominated search but as you point out, “don’t expect the first incarnation to be something to rival Google just yet.

    Agree whole heartily with your “Smart content strategy for anyone with a website is to keep your great content on your own site and share the link to your Facebook network” with perhaps the only exception is when you are guest posting on a blog that is much more established than your own which will have the potential to drive significant traffic with strong links. Thanks for sharing.

    • Michelle Stinson Ross

      Thanks Rick

      I wouldn’t mind if Facebook was easier to search, especially if I could search actual conversations for keywords like I can search tweets 🙂 That would be ROCKIN’

  • Neil Playdon

    Hi Michelle,

    Great article. I for one would like to see a much better Search in Facebook especially from a Business interaction and engagement perspective. At the moment it is really hit and miss to try and find what you are ‘really’ searching for.

    As for the Timeline update – I have seen a couple of screenshots of possible new FB layout which look interesting but the proof will be in the pudding as they say!

    I would also like to see much more consistency in my FB news feed – at the moment I see different feed results on my iPad, iPhone and laptop which can be quite annoying if you are trying to share something later on your iPhone that you saw earlier in the day on your laptop. Thanks for sharing too!

    • Michelle Stinson Ross

      I have noticed the differences in news feed results, too! The web version serves up different people and posts than my iPhone and my iPad serves up something different from either of those two. Luckily, when I tell the system to hide certain updates, like farmville, from my feed it does consistently block them from all the various devices.

      Josh Constine published another article late yesterday about a new version of the Facebook iPhone app. That could be part of the announcement. We will know for sure later today.

  • Aj Singh

    Well this has def sparked my curiosity…

    • Michelle Stinson Ross

      I’ll do my best to post a write up of the event this afternoon.