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Google Has Less Bugs than Bing and Yahoo

Now here’s a rather unusual study with a not so unusual findings. According to a barrage of testing conducted by software developers, Google was found to have lesser bugs than both Yahoo and Bing. With Bing having the most number of bugs.The test was commissioned by a company called uTest who engaged 1,100 software developers to test the Google, Yahoo and Bing plus Google’s new Caffeine update. Thet est was done for one week in August. The software developers were given to randomly test all four search engine and come up with their evaluation.

Interestingly, while the test revealed that Bing has the most bugs, it however scores high when it comes to search results accuracy. Incidentally, the bugs identified by the software developers are new bugs which are still unknown to the search engines’ designers.

Now, here’s a more interesting fact, uTest commissioned the software developers and gave them corresponding rewards depending on the quality of the bugs they discover from the search engines. So, this pretty much shows the dedication of these software developers when evaluating the search engines and we can pretty much say that their reports are accurate.

Other interesting facts that were revealed by the findings of the study include:

  • Google tops the three search engines in terms of accuracy of results, real-time relevance and page load speed.
  • Initially the software developers were all pretty excited in testing Google with 85% of them who tried to find as many bugs that they can find in Google only to find out that Google’s search engine has lesser bugs than the other two.
  • Yahoo is the least buggy among the three search engines. However, it lags behind Google and Bing when it comes to the important factors of a search engine
  • Despite having the most number of bugs, Bing still impressed the testers particularly when it comes to its interface
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Google Has Less Bugs than Bing and Yahoo

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