Social Networking for Business Professionals

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If you think social networking was only for the young demographic, think again. The Institute for Corporate Productivity (I4CP), recently held a survey and found 65% of business professionals are connecting to social networking websites. The most popular in order was LinkedIn, Yahoo360, and Myspace.

Some of the stats collected by I4CP are as follows:

“About half (52%) of respondents whose organizations are using social networking sites do so to keep internal staff and remote employees connected, while 47% of total respondents use the networks to connect with potential clients and to showcase their skills. A total of 35% say they use networks to assist them in finding a job. “

More stats…

“Of those respondents who do not currently utilize social networks, the top reason (37%) is simply that they don’t know what networks to use. The majority of respondents (59%) said they would likely use social networks if they knew that such use would assist their professional development (31% say they already do), and a full 77% would welcome using them if they thought the networks could aid organizational efficiency.”

This report actually shows a gap in social networking. Much of social networking, hence “social”, is used for entertainment purposes and I believe there’s a gap in the business social space.

Pablo Palatnik
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